As A Pioneer Of Regenerative Medicine, Dr. Cameron Clokie Is Optimistic On The Future Of The Therapy

The concept of creating minimally invasive therapies through modern technologies such as stem cells regeneration is revolutionary.

The ability to provide treatment to damaged organs and tissues through stem cells is changing the medical industry for the better. As brilliant as it sounds, the technology is at the early stages, and it shall take the efforts of various stakeholders in the medical sector to come to fruition.

How does regenerative medicine work? According to some of the most seasoned pioneers of the therapy, stem cell treatment utilizes the self-repairing characteristic of body cells and biomaterials that helps organisms to heal an injury or fight a disease. Cameron Clokie believes that regenerative medicine holds the key to better treatments that are less invasive.

In the recent days, scientists have made significant strides in ensuring that regenerative medicine is approved as a treatment plan. Dr. Cameron Clokie notes that the uptake of the therapy is still low but expresses a lot of optimism in the future of the treatment. Clokie hopes that more and more breakthroughs will find their way to patients who need them most. One thing that will delay the rollout of the treatment is approvals that are awarded by relevant authorities before therapy is rolled out.

One of the earliest forms of regenerative medicine is the blood transfusion. The therapy is still prevalent in our clinics today. After a blood transfusion, marrow transplantation became the latest form of stem cell treatment.

Dr. Cameron Clokie is one of the most revered professionals in the medical industry. The professor has specialized in the field of oral and maxillofacial surgery.

Apart from prescribing therapies to his patients, Cameron is also active in entrepreneurship. He is the leading executive of Induce Biologics Inc. The company specializes in regenerative therapies. Cameron Clokie has practiced medicine for over 30 years.

Crunchbase reveals that Cameron has also held various professorial and management roles in institutions of higher learning such as the University of Toronto. Clokie has authored numerous papers in medicine and is always called upon to lecture audiences on such issues as bone reconstruction and stem cells.