Avi Wesifogel – Dentist, Philanthropist and Musician

Avi Weisfogel is a busy dentist in the New Jersey area who has many interests in philanthropy, dentistry and music. His most recent venture is a dip into another philanthropy idea which involves the start of a GoFundMe campaign aimed at raising money for a non-profit organization called Operation Smile. Operation Smile is dedicated to providing surgeries for patients all over the world who experience facial deformities, cleft palates and cleft lips. Operation Smile has been performing surgeries for over thirty years. The surgeries are for young children and adolescents who can’t afford the surgery or don’t have insurance. Their mission is to develop and ensure that children don’t lose hope in today or the future. Bill and Kathy Magee started the organization in 1984 and have added thousands of volunteers to the mix. They travel all over the world working with medical offices, government agencies and healthcare facilities to make the surgeries possible. Avi Weisfogel has chosen Operation Smile because of these reason and more. In addition, he hopes to raise enough money to help the organization and make a difference, so he has started the campaign off by donating $2000.00.

In addition to running his own dentist practice and running a GoFundMe campaign, he has his very own self-started company called Dental Sleep Masters. The program is dedicated to providing detailed education for dentist’s offices and their medical staff to help treat sleep disorders among patients. By teaching them what to look for and how it can be corrected, they can help solve the epidemic of un-diagnosed sleep apnea. Dr. Weisfogel, along with his program, travels the world to educate and offer the benefits of correct sleep disorders. Sleep apnea and other related disorders can become troublesome to one’s health, and it’s important that medical professional receive education so that they can help the patient.

Aside from his ventures, he has continued to find a love for hip hop music. He has always had a love for music, and recently decided to form his own tunes. You can listen to his newest releases and follow him on soundcloud.com.

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Eric Pulier and Starbright World

Maybe not the largest nor the most technically innovative project he has lead the charge on however, Starbright World may be one of the most profound pieces of work Eric Pulier has involved himself with.

People passionate about bringing as much normalcy to the often struggled existence of chronically ill children were inspired by the idea of somehow bringing these children into one another lives. By creating a cyber bridge of sorts, these children would be able to share, laugh, inspire and even lean on one another. From the passion shared by those envisioned such a bridge, Starbright World was born.

At the helm of the Starbright World project was tech savvy Eric. Recognized as an expert in the realm of cloud computing and enterprise software, Pulier was certainly the man for the job. His innovate and forward thinking along with a deep compassion for the children this Starbright World software platform was built to bring together made for another on a long and impressive list of success stories for Pulier.

Once complete, the private social network made it possible for chronically ill children to meet, interact and make friends of whom they shared something in common. It allowed them to share their personal achievements and sometimes even medical setbacks. Whatever the case, it was their own private cyber communication highway that brought all their lives together.

The chance to be an integral part of Starbright World Pulier considered to be an opportunity of a lifetime, one of which he will forever cherish. Being involved in such an important project is its own reward, seeing in in action is the bonus.

How John Goullet Enhances Provision of IT Solution through DIVERSANT LLC

DIVERSANT LLC is a fully licensed Minority-Owned Business Enterprise that offers IT staffing services to various organizations in the United States. The company is majorly African-American Owned. The services that it offers are readily accessible by the clients, and they include direct hiring, IT augmentation, and innovative diversity solutions. DIVERSANT offers its products and services with an outstanding policy that aims at ensuring that all it customers, affiliates, and the community that relies on the firm’s services are well satisfied. They are friendly to their clients and use consultative methods that make them feel like real partners.

The services of the organization assist in acquiring the best IT talents that can serve different companies. DIVERSANT has rigorous employee sourcing and recruiting procedures that it uses in hiring. The experts that it employs are competent and provide the clients with entirely customized software. The company also correctly matches its IT consultants’ skills, culture, and personality with the organizations that they can appropriately fit. This has helped in creating healthy relationships with clients and the IT consultants.

John Goullet is a well skilled and experienced IT professional, who majorly serve that IT staffing sector. He has been a Principal at DIVERSANT LLC since 2010 when he merged his company, Info Technologies, with DIVERSANT Inc. He is an industrious individual and has previously owned other successful businesses prior to Info Technologies and DIVERSANT LLC. The career of Goullet commenced in the IT consultancy business, and he started IT staffing in 1994. He is well informed on emerging trends in the market, and this made his to start Info Technologies, which is an IT staffing company, and he became its CEO. The primary focus of the company was to study the IT requirements in the corporate world and to look for IT talents with the correct skill set, culture and personality that match different businesses. The firm was formed to offer staffing solutions for the Fortune 500 companies. It grew steadily and within five years its worth was approximated to be thirty million dollars and its was ranked as the eighth fastest growing business by the Inc. Magazine.

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James Dondero Brings Linda Owen On To Highland Capital

Recently, James Dondero, who cofounded and is now president of Highland Capital Management, L.P., hired Linda Owen to help with the firm’s charitable giving arm. She is known as a leader in civic duty. She was previously the president of the successful Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. Her strength is in strategic action for charitable efforts.

She has a history of philanthropic action and expertise. This will help her in the new position, giving aid to the Dallas Foundation team who is in charge of helping Highland Capital give back to the community. Philanthropy is a big part of Highland’s strategy. They give about $3 million annually, thanks to the Dallas Foundation and their assistance in distributing the funds. Recipients of their aid include the American Heart Association, The George W. Bush Presidental Library, and the Center for Brain Health.

It isn’t just money that Highland gives back. Dondero and other executives of the firm give their time, knowledge and expertise as well. They sit on numerous boards and hold leadership roles in the community.

James Dondero is the founder and President of Highland Capital, alongside his cofounder Mark Okada. Together, they have built the firm into an international success. Dondero has personally worked with credit markets for three decades. He oversees the daily strategies of key investments for the firm and manages around $20 billion. He is one of the pioneers credited with creating the CLO (Collaterized Debt Obligation). He sits on the board of NexBank, MGM Studios, and CCS Medical. He has managed $2 billion for Protective Life and before that around $1 billion while working at American Express. His degree is in finance from the University of Virginia.

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How Does Product Recognition Software From Slyce Work?

Slyce has created a major breakthrough in product recognition with their AI that actually can search anything on the Internet. They have made sure that all the people who use the app will get instant results from their searches. The searches are easy to complete because they only require one picture, and then the person that is searching will see all the relevant results for that one picture. They also need to be sure that they have checked out the pages where they can buy these items. That makes it much faster for everyone to do actual shopping.

The actual shopping that people do is set up to show that they can just click once and go to their browser to get the item. They will be able to use the app to find out what something is, and that shows the user what the name of the item is. They can request it a lot more easily, and they can use the app to check out something that might be on someone else or on a display. This makes it a lot easier to get the items in a hurry, and it helps people find out what it is they liked so much.

Slyce is a great company that has been pushing to make sure that they can offer the best image recognition possible. They purchased Pounce so that they can apply their technology to shopping, and that is how they are reaching out to the public. They also allow companies to use the technology for inventory, and it can be used to find people in a directory. Slyce has a lot of different applications, and it is very important that everyone tries the app at least once so that they have a chance to see how thorough and complete it is.

What Kind Of Benefits Can You Get From Shea Butter?

Shea butter is a solid, fatty oil that gets extracted out of the nuts on the Karite tree – or Mangifolia tree. These trees grow wild primarily in Africa, and they bear fruits on them. It is the nuts that are inside the fruit that contains shea butter. The nuts are crushed, boiled and manipulated to extract the light-colored fat called shea butter. It is becoming more popular to use it in beauty products such as lotions, cosmetics, shampoos, conditioners and more. Shea butter is also edible.

The Difference Of Unrefined & Refined Shea Butter
Shea butter can be quickly absorbed into the skin as it melts at body temperature. It can be refined and unrefined. Unrefined – or raw – shea butter, is it’s purest and most natural form. It is extracted manually from the shea nut. Unrefined shea butter can retain minerals and other natural properties.
Refined shea butter is processed and in the form of butter.

Shea butter has many benefits including:

  • It’s great for baby and lip care
  • It has anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits
  • It is great for sun protection and restores skin elasticity
  • It is great for hair protection and soothes dry and irritated scalps
  • It is a great moisturizer and softener for your hair

This mother-daughter company sells luxurious, unrefined shea butter products. It was launched by former Wall Street analyst Naa-Sakle Akute and her mother – and named it after her. Her mother runs the company that supplies the shea nuts EuGenia uses to make their products. EuGenia is an inspiring company that works with all-female cooperatives in, Northern Ghana.

EuGeniaShea.com offers a collection of products that contain shea butter. Everything from – everyday use, pregnancy use, and dermatological use.

Sanjay Shah Making Others Aware About Autism

Sanjay Shah Denmark is one of those individuals who has always had a very unique ability to take whatever idea he had going through his mind and turn it into reality. Like most entrepreneurs, he is capable of producing a level of success in just about anything that most people could only dream of. As a direct result, he has spent much of his life creating financial success from his own ideas. This is something that requires a special individual in order to make it happen. While all entrepreneurs must possess a certain level of risk-taking ability and more than their fair share of intestinal fortitude, some are merely better at creating success than others. Shah is definitely one that has managed to create a higher level of success than most people could ever hope for.

Today, he is a successful businessman that has a plethora of different business endeavors going at any given time. He has created true financial freedom for himself and his loved ones. Now, he is putting that same amount of energy on creating awareness about autism. As a result, he spearheaded an event that took place in Dubai strictly geared toward making people more aware about everything associated with autism.

All of this came about when Shah and his wife had a son who was autistic. Autism is one of those things that usually touches people on a very personal level and it was no different in this particular case. Therefore, the family found themselves in a situation they had never been in before. They were trying to figure out how to deal with something that could not be corrected by standard business practices or even entrepreneurial spirit. Instead, they had to find an effective way to deal with helping their son connect with them and the world in the best way possible for him.

On the way, they found a number of challenges but they also found solutions. This is when they decided it was time to make other individuals more aware about autism awareness and the methods that can be employed to handle it. The whole idea is to help that individual who is directly impacted by autism be a self-sufficient as possible. Much of this can be achieved by adapting to new methods of communication or creating certain surroundings where that individual feels most comfortable. By educating the general public, Shah and his wife are creating a new standard when it comes to helping both those who are autistic and those who have been profoundly changed by loving someone with autism.


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Creating the Perfect Roller Set Using the Wen by Chaz Hair Care System

For centuries, women have been achieving the perfect curly look on straight hair by using rollers and creating roller sets. A roller set, simply put, is adding rollers to the hair for an extended period of time in an effort to make the hair form a mold that will later produce soft curls that fall in a beautiful fashion. This look is best achieved by cleaning the hair and adding a hair care product that will cause the hair to set. Following the cleansing and primping of the hair, the rollers are added and the hair is dried by the air drying method or through the use of a heated hair dryer. When trying the create the perfect roller set, it is important for women to utilize a quality hair care product. Hair companies like WEN hair cause they avoid harsh chemicals in the ingredients. This use of organic products creates rollers sets that look fresh and soft rather than creating a hard and stiff look.

Wen hair by Chaz offers several products on the sephora beauty market that can create a set look that is both soft and firm. In addition to creating the perfect styled look, these Wen by Chaz styling products also create healthy hair and lasting benefits. In an interview that Bustle recently published, a user described her positive experience with the Wen hair by Chaz hair care system. She stated that the products turned her thin and brittle hair into moisturized and healthy hair within a matter of days. This product is extremely beneficial for women who enjoy styling their hair frequently but don’t enjoy the negative effects that routine styling can have on the hair. While styling with regular hair care products can lead to breakage and damage, styling with the Wen by Chaz system will lead to a healthier set of hair. It is available online via Amazon.

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Seattle Genetics Expanding Opportunities Through Collaboration and Innovation

Seattle Genetics has been offering solutions to problems like cancer through innovative development of antibody-based therapies. Seattle Genetics is a leading biotechnology company that has directed focus on developing ADCs ideal for the treatment of cancer. The antibody-drug conjugates (ADC) technology is a new addition that the company has embraced in a bid to offer broader solutions to complex conditions. ADCs help to reduce toxicity and do not interfere with non-targeted cells. Seattle Genetics is also creating a new product pipeline that will work on significant medical needs that are not met.

Invitations for clinical trials
Seattle Genetics also conducts clinical trials, which involve testing individuals during a research session mean to avail answers to new ways of preventing and treating diseases. The process also helps to offer information about methods that are best for diagnosing certain illnesses. Those who join the clinical trials contribute to the enhancement of scientific knowledge about cancer and help experts to come up with viable treatment options for cancer.

During the whole process, safety is taken care of. All the items that are used in the research are checked for functionality to ensure no volunteers are harmed in the process. Note that no drugs are administered directly because the process demands that individuals should only offer samples for research purposes.

Benefits package
Seattle Genetics also recognizes the effort of their employees, and this has inspired them to come up with the benefits package, which includes compensation, health and wellness, savings opportunities, work-life balance and career development packages. The company offers paid vacations and sick time to employees to relieve them of the hard tasks before they can resume work. This has worked by enhancing productivity among the employees, thereby ensuring all the products produced are high-quality.

Clay B. Siegall, Ph.D. co-founded the company in 1998 and has held a leadership position as the CEO for years. Mr. Siegall is a graduate of Genetics from the George Washington University. He also holds a degree in Zoology from Maryland University. Siegall is a proactive leader who has always been in the forefront financing and supporting research that can come up with new ways of treating cancer.



Questions Raised About the Unpaid $20 Million CRDA Loan to the New Brunswick Devco

Middlesex County Improvement Authority defaulted to pay $1 million interest charges on a $20 million loan obtained from Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. This is in addition to five years of arrears which amount to $7 in defaulted payments. The loan was issued to construct a New Brunswick hotel conference center by New Brunswick Development Corp, a nonprofit organization.
The New Brunswick development Corporation (Devco) is an urban real estate development company which was founded in the mid-1970s to stimulate refurbishment of projects and also to serve as a vehicle for both private and public investment in New Brunswick City.
Devo has been responsible for more than $1.6 billion of investment in Brunswick city.

The hotel which was opened at the start of economic depression faced a huge obstacle of attracting guests and had never attained full occupancy as reported on Press of Atlantic City. The hotel was under such financial constraints that the management had to tap into its money to finance its basic expenses such as carpet and mattress replacement.

The loan issued by CRDA was in addition to $70 million in municipal bonds from Middlesex County Improvement Authority and which are supposed to be repaid with revenue generated from the hotel which will be an uphill task.

As Atlantic County Improvement Authority prepare to issue $120 million in bonds for the Gateway project, Chris Paladino is confident that the issues being faced in Brunswick won’t recur. In December, a law was signed to bar state agencies from giving grants, loans and other subsidies to businesses that had defaulted on loans and bonds issued by the state.

CRDA to officials admits that the Heldrich project did not turn out as planned and that repayment of loan offered will be hard.