Blessed Agencies

Many global ad and marketing agencies are blessed to have had the opportunity of working with Brazil’s own – José Henrique Borghi, a man of endless inspiration. Jose Borghi has written, directed, produced and more. In fact, he is the expert to top all experts when it comes to Brazilian ads. He knows this game like it’s his own ball park.

Jose currently heads many projects for Mullen Lowe Brasil, but he was not always there. No, like any good leader’s backstory, he had to start somewhere at the bottom and move his way up – a true tale of an underdog perhaps told best on another occasion. To make the story short but sweet, he has worked hard since 1998 and has studied and worked for numerous companies before jumping onboard with Mullen Lowe Brasil through an earlier merger – another exciting story worth telling another time. Anyways, joining Mullen Lowe Brasil and slowly but surely moving up its ranks to become its new co-COO are two decisions that will never haunt Jose, for he knew what he was doing all along and what Borghi knows.

This bright and inspired leader has loved every moment of this roller coaster ride that the business life has given him in its nearly 30 years. He has certainly seen his ups, his downs and every bump and jump in between. He would do it all over again if he could as he has said countless times. That’s why I admire about this leader: His persistence in maintaining a positive spirit and in always being willing to learn from life’s experiences – from the good, from the bad and from the ugly and more information click here.

Jose has produced many ads. A recent one involved women’s rights. Women’s rights in Brazil are no laughing matter and present a need that requires exploring.

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