Talk Fusion receives a major award

Talk Fusion is changing the way people look at communication. Twenty years ago, the e-mail made communicating with people across the world easy, now Talk Fusion is changing the world with video e-mail. Video e-mail allows people to see a video message with just a few clicks. These video messages are much more personal and make communication flow smoothly. Talk Fusion is just one provider of video e-mail technology, but they are receiving awards throughout the field.

Recently, Talk Fusion received an award from Technology Marketing Corporation. Talk Fusion was recognized as the 2016 WebRTC Product of the Year. This is an extremely prestigious award, that is fought over within the online marketing industry. TMC was extremely excited to give the award to Talk Fusion. They feel that video chat is an extremely innovative product. The ingenuity presented by Talk Fusion has created a truly unique product.

TMC created the Product of the Year award to recognize innovators throughout the industry. They want browser to browser solutions in the communications fields. Chat, voice calling, and P2P file sharing that does not require internal or external plug-ins. TMC has been recognizing technology leaders for more than twenty years.

TMC gave Talk Fusion the award just a month after they released their revolutionary cross-device communication platform. Talk Fusion’s new video chat program allows people to communicate with anyone face-to-face. People can use any device to communicate with people. Talk Fusion’s new video chat app is available on iTunes and the Google Play store.

Bob Reina is extremely proud of this award. He believes it is a major achievement for everyone on the Talk Fusion team. Their IT team is constantly working to change the way people communicate. He believes their IT team is the best in the industry, and he is proud of everything they do.

Talk Fusion is a major innovator within the industry. Later this year, Talk Fusion plans to release a Free Trial program. This program will allow people around the world to try Talk Fusion’s award-winning products. Bob Reina plans to be a major innovator for years to come.