Wengie and Max Rock Candy-Colored Hair, Tour Houses and Hold Baby Ethan

You’ve got to love the famous YouTube Wengie Vlogs; this couple is so down-to-earth and real. There are no airs about them. Wengie and Max are kind, generous with their time and fun to watch.

Today, we see the cute couple hang out with their adorable cats Mikki and Mia and baby Ethan and his parents. Wengie and Max also go house touring for the perfect place to someday call home.

The video starts with Max’s newly colored purple locks. This time the color really took, and the shade is vividly bold. Mia the cat took down the dishwasher door that was partly ajar, riding the door as it fell down.

Meanwhile, visiting their best friends, baby Ethan was the hit of the day. Wengie’s in love with the adorable, smiling baby boy with the awesome hair. Max lovingly held the little man and remarked that he holds Ethan like he holds his cat. Josh was preparing a luncheon feast outdoors, featuring beef, bok choy,coriander, mushroom, lettuce and more.

Back home, Wengie and Max watch with delight as Mia plays in boxes on the floor, small enough to sit in one of them. Mikki gets jealous and comes over to investigate the smaller box Mia has left behind. Mikki is too large and fluffy and knows it cannot sit in the tiny box. Mia gets goofy, doing cat splits and other flexible moves.

The next day, the cute couple goes house touring, and this one has an open, modern spaciousness with huge glass windows and a little yard. The kitchen is long with counter space and a cute pantry. Hardwood floors are throughout the home with a den and study with library case. The staircase appears to be marble, and the second level is also airy with three bedrooms, a playroom, jacuzzi room and a walk-out balcony.

The couple heads home back to their apartment, where they see a beautiful rainbow appear in the distant sky. They discuss the home they toured; Max gave it a thumbs down, saying it appeared much nicer in the photos.

The home hunt continues.
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