Media Industry In Mexico And The Role Of Salvi Rafael In Televisa

The media industry in Mexico has been growing rapidly. Not long ago, the country had only one cable TV, but now it has more than six cable news channel. In the television sector, Televisa and TV Azteca are the leading brands. Televisa has been accused of supporting the view of the government rather than performing serious investigative journalism.

Newspapers are also coming out strongly and have invested more of their resources in internet news. The leading brands include El Universal which was founded by Felix and Emilio in 1916. It covered the creation of New Mexico constitution and its revolution. The brand is said to have more than 3 million visitors each month. Other newspaper brands are Reforma, La Jornada, and El Universal among others.

Mexico is still drone with political activities but a new generation of media has come up that is changing the trends. Magazines in Mexico have a strong online presence and legacy media. Most of the newspaper customers read on their mobile phones and tablets than on computers. The brands have therefore embraced mobile readers and are working towards responding to what the public is searching for. Mexico has the highest rate of smart phone penetration in Latin America. It is seen by the action of El Universal of establishing a shift strategy.

About Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero is the chief executive officer of Group Televisa S.A.B. He is also the chief financial officer and director of the Televisa Group at Inova. Salvi serves as the vice president of administrative and financial Group Televisa S.A.B. He was previously the vice president of financial planning in televise and the chief executive officer at Comercio Mas. He also served as the financial manager and general manager at Comercio Mas. He has been the director at Televisa since 2002. Apart from serving in Televisa, Salvi serves in other organizations under different capacities. For instance, Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero is a board member of Mexder, Proveedor Integra, Mercado Mexicano and FS unit 3007 Inc.

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Advertising Executive Alexandre Gama Seeks To Protect Aspects Of Brazilian Culture

The Brazilian culture is close to the heart of iconic advertising executive Alexandre Gama who has spent much of his career traveling the world in a series of roles that bring together the creative drive that has seen him become one of the most awarded advertising executives in the history of the industry. The founder of Neogama advertising agency has not limited his work to the impressive industrial sector he works in, but Alexandre Gama has also sought to expand his work into protecting and growing the Brazilian culture he obviously loves. One of the areas that has seen the work of Alexandre Gama expand in recent years has been the development of his own VIOLAB project that seeks to encourage young people to learn the traditional guitar playing techniques now seen as dying out across Brazil; embracing technology is an important part of the work of Alexandre Gama who has developed a YouTube channel to support the work he is completing with VIOLAB.


The Next Stage For Adam Goldenberg And TechStyle Fashion Group

If you’re a regular shopper at JustFab, you may have noticed a change that happened there recently. The company has been renamed to TechStyle Fashion Group, a decision that CEOs Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler thought would be a good move going forward. One reason for this change is that JustFab is now self-funded and has not needed any more venture capital. And they’ve used a lot of data analytics and special algorithms in their interface as part of a more tech-based approach. Most of JustFab’s sales come through the internet, but they have opened some physical store locations and plan to open many more in the near future.


Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler co-founded JustFab in 2010, but they had been business partners for quite a few years before. Goldenberg had been the Chief Operating Officer of Intermix Media, a company that hired him straight out of high school when they bought out his business, Gamer’s Alliance. Goldenberg had developed a knack for marketing and sales, and Intermix Media saw a lot of growth during the time he worked for them. Intermix Media was the parent to MySpace, the social media giant of the mid 2000’s and Goldenberg decided to build an ecommerce hub for them along with his friend Don Ressler. Goldenberg and Ressler’s company, Alena Media did pretty well, but News Corp bought out Intermix Media in 2005 and wasn’t interested in that company. Unhappy with the direction things were going in, the two men decided to leave Intermix Media.


Goldenberg and Ressler started Intelligent Beauty first, a distributor of several health and beauty products. They were happy with the sales this company was making, but they still had bigger and better ideas. They decided to go all in on the fashion world and soon launched JustFab, a company that started of selling women’s attire, but then branched into other outlets including athletic wear in their Fabletics subsidiary, and shoes when they bought out ShoeDazzle, and then added men’s brands. Goldenberg and Ressler saved costs on the company by eliminating marketing expenses, and made their fashion very affordable. The company gained bigger publicity when model Kimora Lee Simmons joined the company, and later actress Kate Hudson joined the team too. JustFab was given a boost of venture capital first from Matrix Partners and Crosscut Ventures, and within a few years they had raised over $285 million in capital, pushing them over the $1 billion mark by 2014.


Flavio Maluf Mentions Experts who are Important for Startups

Different individuals or parties have distinct ways of defining startups. Regardless of the definition, there is no denying that the startup industry is taking over the corporate scene, especially in Brazil. This is attributed significantly to the economic crisis being experienced in the country.

Data from the Brazilian Association of Startups unveiled that there are nearly 4200 startup ventures in the startup industry on LinkedIn. These different enterprises are distributed in various business segments including education, entertainment, SaaS, Health and e-commerce at

Mobile Developer

According to Flavio, a mobile developer is a highly essential professional for a startup venture on This professional helps to deal with emerging technological advancement in the world. He or she does this through coding, programming and testing on iOS and Android platforms.

Customer Satisfaction

Flavio Maluf stressed on the need to invest on satisfying customers. For this reason, he claimed that a client success professional is a valuable asset for a startup. A customer success expert adheres to the different stages of product implementation, establishes a link with customers and anticipates the resolution of potential issues.


A startup ought to have a cascading style sheets expert. He or she is in charge of making corporate sites more appealing through color elements, layouts, fonts and formats. By doing so, a CSS expert boosts the chances of acquiring new clients.

About Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf is one of the renowned business gurus in the Brazilian corporate circle. Maluf has continuously displayed his ability to lead through his current leadership role at his family’s company, Eucatex Group. Flavio‘s academic background is nothing short of exemplary. He studied mechanical engineering at the popular Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP) situated in Sao Paolo. Flavio is also an accomplished alumnus of the New York University where he studied administration.

Although Eucatex Group belongs to the Maluf family, Flavio’s journey to become president of the company was not that simple. Flavio Maluf had to acquaint himself with the different aspects of the business. In so doing, he was taken through various areas of the Eucatex Group including the trade area and industrial area. Later on, his uncle invited him to join the executives of the Eucatex Group. Becoming part of the executives paved the way for Flavio to succeed his uncle.

Tony Petrello The Successful Business Leader

The Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries Ltd, Mr. Anthony Petrello, has held the position since October 28, 2011. Prior to that, he had served in the same company since 1992 as the Chief Operating Officer.

Nabors industries is a natural gas, geothermal, oil and drilling contractor. The business has been running since 1968, and is located in Hamilton, Bermuda and Houston, Texas. As per 2008, the company had employed around 26,912 employees, earned revenue of $3.477 billion and an overall net income of $85 million. The reputable industry has operated on land throughout the Middle East, America, Far East and Africa. It has also operated onshore, servicing mostly in North America. Under Petrello’s leadership, the company has acquired a charter fleet of 29 marine vessels for its offshore operations. The business has also introduced top drilling drives, directional drilling systems, equipment to be used for rig instrumentation and data collection and software to be used in rig reporting.

Tony Petrello studied law at Harvard University, and later advanced up to the Masters level at the Yale University. Currently, he has notable involvement in many areas, especially as a board member. He serves as the director of the Texas Children’s Hospital Inc. All the way from 1991, Petrello worked as the director of Stewart and Stevenson, LLC and as chairman of the executive committees of Nabors industries. Before joining Nabors industries, he worked with the law firm Baker and McKenzie serving as the Managing Partner of its New York Office between 1986 and 1991. He now receives a salary of $1,580,077 and $6,125,000 bonuses, totaling his annual compensation to $7,705,077. In 2013, he was ranked on top of the best paid CEOs in the world, she but did not top the chart in 2014 because he received a hefty pay cut.

Todd Luber Offers Business Persons Low-Interest Loans

Entrepreneurship History

As an entrepreneur, it is essential to have a mentor from the industry. Although business infatuates people, finding capital can be challenging. That is why Todd Luber is a role model for many entrepreneurs. Through his extensive entrepreneurial background, Todd Lubar has been able to offer loans to business start-ups. Todd is the president of TDL Global Ventures LLC, a firm committed to helping the less fortunate. He also serves as the Senior Vice President of Legendary Investments. Upon graduation in 1995, Todd joined Crester Mortgage Corporation where he worked for four years.

Lending Business

In 1999, Todd Lubar started working at Legacy Financial group located in Arlington, Texas. Through his broad experience in the service industry, Todd increased the company’s profit to over 100 million. Later on, Todd Lubar left Crester and ventured into the real estate sector. He founded Legendary Properties LLC, a firm that focused on residential growth. At Legendary Properties, Todd extended his loan portfolio to outside investors. As a result, the company experienced a rapid progression of purchasing, rehabilitating, and selling properties.

Business Rapport

Legendary Properties’ success is attributed to practicing healthy business relationships. By producing timely quality products, Todd developed friendly business relationships. By embarking on creating good healthy business relationships, Todd Lubar would partner with major banking companies. As a result of creating successful business relationships, Todd Lubar established Charter Funding, an affiliate of First Magnus Financial Corporation. Charter Funding is the largest private mortgage company in the United States. As demand for wealth-related products increased, Todd Lubar expanded his lending portfolio through Charter Funding.

Funding Services

With an extensive understanding and knowledge of market trends, Todd Lubar grew his customer base significantly. Riding on the success of Legendary Properties, Todd Lubar established Legendary Financial LLC, which is an affiliate of Legendary Properties. Legendary Financial LLC provides commercial lending services to companies and high-net-worth individuals. Through Legendary Financial, Todd Lubar assists borrowers with challenges in acquiring loans from other lending institutions. Having initiated over 7000 loan transactions, Todd Lubar has extensive knowledge in interpreting and analyzing expected risks; thus, he knows when to act when markets are about to fluctuate.

For more information on Mr. Lubar, check out his profile page. You can contact him via



David Osio and Davos Real Estate Group (REG) Officially Launches their New Mobile Application

June 2016 was an event filled month for Davos Real Estate Group (REG). The company officially launched its mobile app called Davos CAP Calculator. Davos Real Estate Group (REG), an affiliate company of Davos Financial Group announced that the technology would help its clients to calculate the estimated return on real estate investments.


Gerard Gonzalez, one of the executives of REG said that they worked hand in hand with the tech giant Tecknolution all the way from the app’s design to development. The Latin American market leader has made their flagship app available on both Android devices and iPhone. Davos CAP Calculator is the first in series of complementary apps yet to be availed by the group.


Davos CAP Calculator has a built-in interactive chat tool that enables agents at the company to chat in real time with their clients. The app also allows users to spot property through their mobile devices and forward the real estate reports to their agent in real time.


During the launch of the app, top executives of the group expounded on the many features of the tool. David Osio explained that the application would enable the company to provide financial advice to clients who would like to invest in the United States’ real estate. Mr. Gonzalez also pointed out that their app was capable of giving investor’s a clear financial vision as it enables them to see the potential profits from real estate purchases. The news on the launch of this amazing app was initially mentioned on PRNewswire.


About David Osio


David Osio holds a degree in Advanced Management Program in International Banking Law that he received from the prestigious Catholic University Andres Bello in Caracas. He also holds another bachelor’s degree in international banking law from Estudios Superiores de Administración IESA Institute.


Mr. Osio commenced his career journey in 1991. At the time he was the president and CEO of OPED Enterprises. In this organization, he was charged with the responsibility of overseeing coffee export projects. Osio has held an executive position with other several companies including LETCO Commercial Companies (in charge of structuring marketing programs for different industrial products), MGO and Banco Latino International (BLI).


He founded Davos Real Estate Group In 1993, and since then he has used his extensive knowledge of the financial industry to help grow this 24-year- old company to become a leader in the financial sector.

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What Determines a Sapphires Expense and Value?

When most people think of sapphires, they immediately conjure mental images of bright blue gemstones, sparkling with numerous facets. However, when you think about it, what really determines the value and expense of a sapphire? Is it the color, the shape, the size, or something else? Read on to learn more about what jewelers would consider a perfect sapphire.

What Sapphire Color Means for Value

From velvety blues, to midnight cerulean, to navy blue tinged with violet, sapphires come in a wide range of beautiful colors. Mostly variations of blue. However, the shade and depth of these colors determine the value and expense of a sapphire. If a gemstone is missing the shine and sparkle that comes with deep color, then its considered inexpensive, and even cheap. Whereas, when a sapphire is true in color, through and through, it has more value because it’s considered high-quality with more hue depth.

Measuring Sapphire Value in Carats

The average high-quality sapphire features 5 carats, regardless of how large the gemstone is as a whole. Large sapphires with lack of color depth but more carats are sold cheaper than smaller sapphires with color saturation and less carats. On average, expense depends on a jeweler’s knowledgeable opinion on a gemstone. Most commonly, sapphire rings are priced anywhere from $50 per carat, to well-over $10,000 per carat.

The Most Valuable Sapphire in History

Thus far, the most expensive and valuable sapphire on record was a deep blue gemstone that was encircled with diamonds on a ring. It was sold for over 5-million dollars in New York City circa 2014. Without the diamonds, the most expensive sapphire in history was an 18-carat stone, priced at $135,000 per carat. It was a brilliant blue that reflected the light in shimmers. Many jewelers dubbed it the perfect sapphire engagement ring. And no jeweler has yet been able to find its equal.

Both color and carat go into defining a sapphire, but most jewelry wearers prefer a vibrant gemstone to one that lacks luster and beauty. Which is why, in the eyes of the consumer, color will almost always win with value and expense over carat or size.

David Osio’s Davos Cap Calculator Captures Investor’s Attentions

Davos Real Estate Group, the renowned property investment group, has finally released their highly anticipated phone app, the Davos CAP Calculator to much fanfare. The Davos CAP Calculator is unique among investment apps in it’s extraordinary diversity of functionality. The applications primarily functions as a tool to accurately gauge the net gain possible from a prospective property investment. Users can also calculate the expected cash income as well as the expected capitalization rate. However, arguably the most interested and powerful feature about the app is that it will allow Davos user clients to directly and instantly connect to their Davos affiliated agents who can, at the drop of a hat, give their expert opinions on anything and everything related to investment property finance. And anyone who knows anything about alternative asset management will tell you that there is nothing more important than discerning whether or not your associated costs will out weight the projected income yield of the property – with the Davos CAP Calculator user’s never had to worry about that ever again.

Currently, the Davos CAP Calculator is available for free download from the online and official iTunes store and is only compatible with the iPhone and Android mobile platforms. With that being said, however, Davos Real Estate has stated numerous times on their various online outlets that they do intend to expand the number of compatible platforms for the device sometime in the future. A specific date for this platform expansion has not, as yet, been released by the company.

The app came about due to feedback received by Davos Real Estate Group’s CEO and board of directors chairman, David Osio. Osio, a veteran of the banking and investment finance industry, stated that he, and the company, wanted to create a way to mitigate as much risk as possible from their client’s prospective investments, as he fully understands how terrible the consequences of a botched property investment can be. Osio also stated that the device will beneficial to people outside of the realty field as well, given the massive upsides of having a diverse financial portfolio as it will increase total net financial yield across the board, if it is done correctly. Learn more:

How May Brian Torchin Prepare Clients For Interviews?

Brian Torchin is a medical staffing guru who has chosen to offer his clients advice on interviews and choosing proper jobs to apply for. The interview is the most important phase in searching for a job, and the interview may be corrected with help from Brian’s office. This article explains the several ways Brian reaches out to his clients who seek new medical jobs.

#1: The Interview Script

Brian does not send his clients to interviews with a script to read, but he wants every client to review what their answers may be. He has collected questions he has been told will be asked in standard interviews, and he wishes for every client to practice for an interview before leaving the house. Practicing prevents clients from feeling as though they are scatterbrained when the interview begins.

#2: Tidying Up A Resume

Tidying up a resume is quite important for the client, and a client who has passed their resume on to Brian may receive comments that improve the resume. The resume will look quite a bit better once Brian has had his hands on it, and he may help a client direct the resume at a particular position. Clients may have several resumes they have edited for different positions, but their chances of being hired will increase

#3: How Does Brian Answer Questions?

Brian will address all questions offered by his clients on Twitter, and he will produce information that makes a client ready for a new job interview. He is open to questions every day on his blog, and he prefers to provide information to clients in real-time. He is one of the most-responsive people in his industry, and he works quite hard to give customized information to his clients as much as possible.

The staffing advice offered by Brian Torchin is quite helpful when the interview process begins, and he will meet clients where they are in the job-seeking process. Someone who is desperate for information may approach Brian at any time for help, and he will lend the helping hand that is oft-needed.  Check out his Behance profile for more information.