Protect Your Company With Darius Fisher

When trying to build your brand or company, your reputation always on the line. That alone can define your entire company in a very detrimental way if you aren’t capable of protecting your brand. The best thing to do is to make sure that you are always looking out for different ways to keep your company in a safe position. Interestingly enough, a single article or even an image can be the only thing that damages your company. Images that are shared online can ruin how people see your company. When a person at the Disney Parks took a photo of the Toy Story characters lying on the floor, people all believed in the myth that screaming “Andy’s Coming” to Woody, Jessie, and Buzz would make them fall on the floor to show they are just toys. This single image caused a huge ruckus at the parks to this day.


Pictures can speak a thousands words, and sometimes you need to know how to avoid those stressful scandalous photos that may resurface. The key is to be aware of these pictures and to do something about them when you do see them resurface. The key is to remember to check different photo sharing sites often. Social media sites online should be checked upon daily or even just weekly just to see what people are saying or sharing about your company.


Status Labs is a research and marketing agency created by Darius Fisher to help companies protect their brand and maintain their reputation. Working with them guarantees that they will search the web to properly maintain your name online. You can be sure to keep your company safe for the long run when you have a company like Status Labs.
There are all kinds of companies who do this, but you will eventually discover that Status Labs has all the right marketers to help.