A Go Getter

Andrew Rocklage is one of the most successful entrepreneurs of this century. Rocklage is a lawyer by profession as well as a businessman. He owns Florida Sky Zone Trampoline Park which is currently being considered as one of the fastest growing franchise business in the world. Sky Zone Trampoline offers innovative solutions to customers and businesses. Read more: Andrew Rocklage | Angel and Andrew Rocklage | LinkedIn

It may appear odd that a lawyer of Rocklage status is involved in trampoline park type of business; however, it will make sense once you understand Andrew Rocklage background. Andrew developed interests in athletics as early as during his childhood and enjoyed following professional sports.

His passion for sports led him to Isenberg School of Management at Massachusetts University Amherst where he was awarded a bachelor’s degree in sports management. In the same institution, Rocklage also earned a minor in economics which would later come handy in helping him manage his business. Learn more about Andrew Rocklage: http://thebrotalk.com/bro-bio/bro-bio-andrew-rocklages-fascinating-life/

After his education, Rocklage secured an internship that would give him real life experiences at Major League Lacrosse where he was involved in public relation. Rocklage enjoyed what he did at Major League Lacrosse, but that was not enough to give him personal fulfillment.

He wanted more challenging things to do in life, and for this reason, Rocklage joined Suffolk University Law School where he awarded a Juris Doctor degree in the year 2013.Rocklage then worked as a clerk and legal consultant, and this gave him some good real life experiences which later saw him employed as corporate counsel by EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals.

Rocklage performed exceptionally well in his career as a lawyer. However, him being a go-getter again, did not find this satisfying as he needed to be his own boss.

An opportunity to own a trampoline park presented itself in Florida Daytona Beach in 2016 and Rocklage rose to the occasion and grabbed that opportunity. Andrew Rocklage had been to a sky zone before, thus had an idea what it was all about and knew this is what he wanted to do.

Ever since Rocklage established a trampoline park in Florida, he has never looked back, and today Rocklage boasts of owning two sky zones franchises in Florida.