Kate Hudson Stands Up to Giants

To say surviving in the business world is tough is an understatement. Many businesses have as much a chance at success as an onion does surviving being thrown into a food processor. This is even truer when they step up against business juggernauts like Amazon. However, this has not stopped Kate Hudson’s business from doing exactly that. Her company, Fabletics, is talking Amazon head-on.


Fabletics can take on Amazon, which holds a 20% market share in fashion e-commerce because it uniquely blends several business models. The first thing Fabletics has done is utilize a subscription-based model for their services. If you are interested in clothes that empower you to be a better version of you, than all you need to do is sign up and every month new clothes will come to you in the mail. This model has made Fabletics America’s number one leading athleisure brand.


Fabletics has also copied the business models of Apple and Warby Parker. This means that, in addition to their subscription services, they have physical stores for people to pursue. At the time of this writing, Fabletics has sixteen shops spread throughout Illinois, Florida, Hawaii, and California. This is only the beginning as they are planning on launching dozens more in the next few years.


When the idea was presented to have Fabletics open physical stores, a significant concern spread through the boardroom. Ever since the advent of internet shopping, a curse has plagued physical stores. This curse is known as showrooming. Showrooming works like this, a customer knows of a product online but also knows they will not be able to test it out since they can only view it on the internet. The customer will then go to a physical retail store to examine it. Rather than buying it from the store, they hunt for the lowest price on the internet and buy it that way.


Fabletics took advantage of this curse. They introduced the idea of reverse showrooming. The idea was to ensure that a customer was already loyal to Fabletics before even entering the store. Through getting to know local vendors and hosting local events, Fabletics was able to ensure that 30-50% of the people walking through their doors were customers and 20% of those who were not left loyal to their company.


If you are interested in knowing more, I encourage you to take their lifestyle quiz.

Black Friday week is still going strong! Shop the sale in stores and online. (Link in bio)

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Kate Hudson Ambushes the Fashion World with Fabletics

Amazon controls the world of fashion by 20 percent. However, Kate Hudson is beating the odds by growing Fabletics to $250 million in just three years. Fabletics makes use of a subscription machine to sell clothes. Further, customers go for brands that inspire them and those that are both convenient and offer membership allowances.


Historically, high brands have been defined by both the quality and price of the product. Currently, factors that determine what consumers needs include brand recognition, exclusive design, and customer experience. Fabletics is likening themselves to Warby Parker and Apple, e-commerce companies that are defining themselves with data science and enterprise technology. Fabletics’ strategy rewards them a fashion membership brand.


Fabletics is planning to expand by opening more offices. Some of the offices are currently located in Florida, California, Hawaii, and Illinois. The General Manager, Gregg Throgmartin, Fabletics cites that the membership model of the company offers personalized services and on-trend fashion at an affordable price.


Why Fabletics is Unique


Reverse Showrooming


Fabletics encourages the use of reverse showrooming, unlike its competitors who find it disappointing. When a customer is shopping at Fabletics, their online shopping cart receives an update while they are picking items. Further, this strategy has enabled the company to establish relationships and gain knowledge about the local market. Moreover, 30 to 50 percent of customers who visit Fabletics are members while 25 percent get membership in the store.


Online Data is the Pillar for Success


Fabletics know that physical and digital displaying of products go hand in hand. Thus, using online data will help to stock the physical store with items that appeal to the customers’ taste. Furthermore, stores are stocked based on social media sentiment, real-time sale activity, and store heat-mapping data.


What Defines Growth


Fabletics has faced challenges over the years, but the balance of lifestyle, customer experience, and consumer education seems to be rewarding. According to Shawn Gold, Fabletics’ brand has grown from 35 percent through the years. Growth is having an authentic representative and an in-house media as well as creative teams that will raise the reputation of Fabletics to more than ten counties.


A Foodie Stays Fit Review by Teri Hutcheon


Teri Hutcheon is a Fabletics member and is interested in sharing her experience. She describes that Fabletics offers new VIP Members an outfit that costs $25 and a discount for other items. Teri insists that the significance of joining Fabletics allows you to get outfits on a monthly basis. Moreover, customers get either two or three piece outfit for prices ranging from $49 to $59.


Teri writes that when joining Fabletics, you survey the type of workout they do, as well as their preferred outfits including carpris, shorts, and tanks. Further, the company offers good prices for high-quality products. Teri gives an example of the leggings she bought from Fabletics. She describes them as being thick and good for yoga practices. Additionally, the leggings offer excellent compression for her legs, and they do not fade when washed.

Fabletics Is A Smarter Workout For Online Shoppers

Succeeding as an online fashion business today is becoming harder as consumers are changing their criteria of what it means to be a loyal customer. In years past it was enough to succeed as a brand and an online business if the product being offered was of superior quality and the price was right. Today, it is not just the market that is changing but more markedly, the consumer is.


Consumers now are no longer satisfied with a good price and a good quality product. There has to be a hook to bring them in, but also to keep them there. The competition is simply too numerous to keep customers around when they see there are so many other choices around them at good price points. Consumers are browsing through stores to the point where it has been given the name of “showrooming”. Instead of picking something they like and buying it on the spot, they are using physical stores to scope out the products they like and then later finding it online for a cheaper price and buying it from them. Amazon is becoming a major hub for finding great prices on fashion items and it is harder than ever for brick and mortar stores to succeed in this realm.


Fabletics has brick and mortar stores and it is succeeding because their brick and mortar stores are an extension of their VIP membership online business. They have been able to keep their VIP membership customers because they offer a stylized service for their customers at an affordable price point. Because the customers are queried on what they like, and delivered a product they actually like, Fabletics is able to deliver more of that to the customer. Getting it right doesn’t waste time, money, or resources. Listening to the customer, delivering the goods, and doing it at a good price keeps them around and wanting more because it is actually improving their lifestyle.


The brick and mortar stores Fabletics has opened and is opening are reverse showrooming the customers. Instead of hoping to harness their customers with a sale in the physical store and then keep them as customers, they are bringing in already loyal members to experience another realm of the Fabletics experience in person. Of course walk in customers can come in and buy something off the rack, but what they are really selling in the store are add ons to current customers, and memberships to prospective ones.


In the store can be found athleisure items and some of the athletic clothing items that the store has stocked based on the online sales of the customers in that specific area. The Hawaii store may not carry what the Bridgewater, New Jersey store carries because the online customers in those regions have different preferences. This is smart data science marketing and it allows the stores to be higher sales performers and to run test sales to see what might work better in their current location and in other locations.

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler's high-power moves ????

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Why You Should Be Trying Cleansing Conditioner By Wen

Emily McClure of Bustle used Wen‘s Cleansing Conditioner for a full week so you don’t have to. She concluded that the conditioner would be most beneficial to those who style their hair daily. The conditioner tends to weigh down fine straight hair but if you style your hair frequently as mentioned before then this shouldn’t be much of an issue. Ten pumps of Wen’s Cleansing Conditioner are required regardless of hair length. McClure received compliments for her hair’s shine and bounce after using the conditioner for only a few days.

Wen is an extensive hair care line that offers products to any hair type, texture, and length. Products by Wen are a great alternative to the hair products available on the market today since they are sulfate free and keep your hair’s health in the forefront. It’s been proven that most shampoos are detrimental to our hair and the good news about Wen’s products is that once you start using them the use of any shampoo is no longer needed.

Their products are not tested on animals and they are all manufactured in the United States. Wen’s Cleansing Conditioner is a leave in product and acts as a detangler, shampoo, conditioner, and even deep conditioner so for the price you’re receiving an all in one product. If your roots become heavy, like McClure’s fine straight hair, Wen recommends using their Replenishing Treatment Mist between uses of the Cleansing Conditioner. It will give your hair that needed pick me up and provide hydration to hair follicles for longer periods of time. See, https://www.amazon.com/WEN-Sweet-Almond-Cleansing-Conditioner/dp/B0048O2R1E.

Before Chaz Dean was revolutionizing the hair product world he was a photographer. He actually became interested in hair care through photography. After taking some photography courses he enrolled into a cosmetology school. He started working at the high end Bel Air salon in Los Angeles. He moved up the ladder fairly swiftly and later became the owner of Bel Air salon. The salon relocated to Hollywood where it became known as the Chaz Dean Studio. This is where Chaz began his work on Wen. To learn more, check out the product infomercials on QVC or on YouTube.

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What Kind Of Benefits Can You Get From Shea Butter?

Shea butter is a solid, fatty oil that gets extracted out of the nuts on the Karite tree – or Mangifolia tree. These trees grow wild primarily in Africa, and they bear fruits on them. It is the nuts that are inside the fruit that contains shea butter. The nuts are crushed, boiled and manipulated to extract the light-colored fat called shea butter. It is becoming more popular to use it in beauty products such as lotions, cosmetics, shampoos, conditioners and more. Shea butter is also edible.

The Difference Of Unrefined & Refined Shea Butter
Shea butter can be quickly absorbed into the skin as it melts at body temperature. It can be refined and unrefined. Unrefined – or raw – shea butter, is it’s purest and most natural form. It is extracted manually from the shea nut. Unrefined shea butter can retain minerals and other natural properties.
Refined shea butter is processed and in the form of butter.

Shea butter has many benefits including:

  • It’s great for baby and lip care
  • It has anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits
  • It is great for sun protection and restores skin elasticity
  • It is great for hair protection and soothes dry and irritated scalps
  • It is a great moisturizer and softener for your hair

This mother-daughter company sells luxurious, unrefined shea butter products. It was launched by former Wall Street analyst Naa-Sakle Akute and her mother – and named it after her. Her mother runs the company that supplies the shea nuts EuGenia uses to make their products. EuGenia is an inspiring company that works with all-female cooperatives in, Northern Ghana.

EuGeniaShea.com offers a collection of products that contain shea butter. Everything from – everyday use, pregnancy use, and dermatological use.

Coachella 2016 Rocks Amazing Boho Beauty/Fashion Trends

If you were lucky enough to get to the Coachella 2016 Music Festival in the desert of Indio, CA, then you could see firsthand all the incredible boho beauty and fashion on display.

Stars intermingled with the large crowds showing off gorgeous makeup and hair trends. Celebs like Bella Thorne sported silver glitter on her brow bone with purple mascara, channeling a dreamy essence. Model Kendall Jenner also put on the glamorous glitter, but hers was sprinkled along her hair roots, creating an ethereal quality. Vanessa Hudgens chose trendy, electric blue eyeliner for her top lids and a cool taupe nail polish with crystals adorning her long talons. Coral lips were also painting the smiles of festival goers, launching a cool trend for summer.

Crochet, crochet and more peek-a-boo crochet joined the pretty Coachella fashion parade, highlighting tanned, toned bodies in a vintage bohemian way. VS angel Alessendra Ambrosio stole the show with her bikini top, denim cut-offs and tan fringed crochet jacket, long feather earrings and riding boots.

There were lots of gold metallic temporary tattoos across foreheads, along the wrists, shoulders and backs. That’s such a sexy look for spring and summer.

Super long rainbow braids were also the sizzling trend in the desert heat, with Kylie Jenner wearing hers with a Louis Vuitton head scarf, and she wasn’t alone. Australian beauty blogger Wengie has also been riding this whimsical trend. Wengie’s Instagram shows the blonde beauty with two braids highlighted in pastel shades of sky blue. It’s simply stunning and above all, a fun look to include when the temps start rising.

Wengie has created an incredible YouTube channel where she dispenses smart and useful beauty and skin care tips to her audience. She shows you how to properly exfoliate your complexion, line your eyes in the perfect cat eye wing, style your hair in new trends, discuss dieting, draw on dark, smokey lips and so much more.

Doe Deere’s Fashion Fun

Fashion is all about looking great and finding your own style. That’s why fashion dictates coming down from the ivory towers of fashion in New York just don’t seem to work anymore. That’s the feeling of Internet CEO Doe Deere, who’s the force behind the innovative online cosmetics line, Lime Crime. Deere has made a name for herself with her bold use of color and unusual ideas about what works in fashion and beauty.

Here are some of the rules Deere loves to break, style-wise.

1. Only Wear Black and White, Neutral Colors if Your Hair is an Unnatural Color
Doe Deere is well known for sporting wildly colorful hair in shades of purple or blue, but she doesn’t hold back as far as wearing color in her wardrobe.

2. Don’t Wear a Lot of Patterns Together.
This is an old, hard and fast rule that is just now being broken by innovators like Deere. She says the key to pulling off a pattern combination look is to find ways in which the patterns coordinate, like with matching colors or in shapes within the patterns. She is also fond of wearing some solid accent colors (like in tights or a scarf) that help keep things looking pulled together.

3. Play Up the Lips or Eyes with Makeup, Not Both.

As far as Deere is concerned, both the eyes and lips should be made up to play off eachother. The key is in using rich colors (like deep red or burgundy for the lips) and coordinating the hues in the eyes and lips. Done well, gorgeous eyes and lips are a knockout.

4. Don’t Wear a Lot of Colors All Together
Deere has long embraced a “Unicorn” theory of fashion and color, which means she loves to wear a lot of colors.

Sure, rules change all the time, which is why Deere feels it’s ok to play with the dictates of fashion and make your own beauty standards. It’s works for her, so why not give it a try?

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Kate Hudson’s New Clothing Line

The long wait is over as people flood the lines seeking to get their hands on the new swimwear as part of the Fabletics line by Kate Hudson. To sweeten the deal, the beloved actress and designer is incorporating fun summer dresses to the line as well. Though there are no complaints, the reason for the new additions had to be asked, and Elite Daily was all over it.

Hudson’s reply on their Twitter page was simple, “Summer is my favorite season, so it was exciting to create our new dress and swim collections for Fabletics” The star then described what we should expect from the line that launched on April 12 by saying that the swimwear is “stylish and sexy, but comfortable enough to wear.”

Delving deeper into some details about the new items, insight was gained into what the suits were made out of, what patterns they are offered in, and some other unique benefits of owning these pieces. Aside from being made from completely recycled fabrics, these suits are adorably adorned with tribal patterns and bold colors. A little added bonus is that the material of these suits promotes protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Summer time has gotten a little sweeter thanks to Fabletics.

In a Youtube video, Fabletics has been generously catering to the needs of women for years. The ladies wanted stylish comfort, and the retailer complied. Women of all body types wanted attire that they could feel comfortable in without feeling too exposed.

Women wanted to feel casually feminine, and Fabletics truly made that possible. Maintaining a balance of athletic and feminine, Fabletics promotes a healthy lifestyle to women by making them ready to be active wherever they go.