Nathaniel Ru Plans to Make Sweetgreen a Real Success

Rethinking healthy foods is something that Nathaniel Ru had to do in order to make people take notice of his Sweetgreen establishment. He knew that he wanted to make the concept of healthy food sexy and fun. He wanted to make the process of getting fresh vegetables easier. All of this may have been rather difficult to pull off, but he has had help in building up his establishment.


Nathaniel Ru has shown people that he is serious about the way that he turns his business into a multi-million dollar establishment. The great thing about Sweetgreen is that it takes guests into an atmosphere that they are not accustomed to. This is what makes people appreciate what this company can do. Fresh vegetables are not a new thing. Nathaniel Ru just reminded people of the value of fresh vegetables. Warm bowls are signature menu items for the Sweetgreen restaurants. The things that are included in warm bowls are not new, but the way that Nathaniel Ru has presented these items with Sweetgreen makes it seem like he has presented something new.


Marketing changes the way that people look at things. No one wants to eat something that is not presented as appetizing. That is what Nathaniel Ru knows more than anything. He has spent countless hours getting things in order with his partners Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Newman. These three partners live together and brainstorm over the things that are going to make their establishment better. There is a huge response to the Sweetgreen chain, and Nathaniel Ru has the power to get this restaurant into even more neighborhoods. He has been bold in marketing fresh food that is direct from the farmer. He has also been accurate in his predictions that Sweetgreen restaurants would thrive in affluent areas.


People that are in poverty are going to gravitate towards the dollar menus. Consumers that have more than a couple of dollars to spend on a meal are going to see the benefits of eating food that is healthy. They are going to be more than excited about the fun feel of a restaurant like Sweetgreen. This is a restaurant that is changing the culture on the east and west coast. The venture capitalists are ready to help Nathaniel Ru continue his mission to make Sweetgreen one of the most successful health food dining establishments in the United States and beyond.