Freedom Pop Offers Alternatives To Large Phone Bills For Teenagers

In the world of lollipops and ice cream sandwiches, android phones have come to long ways. People are even excited about their ability to purchase their own pay as you go payment. Prepay plans help many people afford phone coverage. They can pay a small amount each month instead of being strapped with the large bills of continuous service plans from the big carriers. Freedom Pop has taken it one step further.

FreedomPop is offering free service to customers. You purchase a phone at a reduced cost and freedom pop will turn it on for you. You will have a specific amount of calls and texts you can make as well as a set amount of internet you can use. They also offer a 500 MB hotspot to use. This is fantastic for people that are unable to afford a monthly bill. Well now, there is a new $20 unlimited service being offered through FreedomPop.

Phones can be quite expensive unless you run into a deal. The androids and specialty tablet phones will rarely be attainable unless you get one with the service plan you purchase. These plans make the phones cost 3-4 times more than it would originally. Freedom phone has most of these same phones for a fraction of the price. Check out the website to chose a phone and get started. You will have to purchase a phone through freedom to receive the free service. Most people purchase new phones every year. Most people are always searching for that upgrade on the phone so they will purchase the phones through Freedom just to get the free service.

The one thing that is very interesting is the no service contract deals and the ability to get service anywhere that sprint is offered. The service is good. The cheap price is wonderful. FreedomPop gives people the opportunity to keep up with their families without paying an arm and leg for service.

Sprint is the initial carrier of the FreedomPop service. FreedomPop works by using data to run all of its services such as the talk and text. Plans are very cheap. Some people do not like that all they get is 200 calls or 500 texts. Teenagers, especially, are usually the first to run out and need more. The thousands of texts, pictures, and videos that teenagers send will eat up the free plan in no time.

Check out FreedomPop phone service for free before you go and pay that expensive phone bill or sign up for the two or three-year contract obligation. You will be glad you did.

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