Making New Brunswick, NJ Safe For Everyone: The Quincy

In view of the seriousness of the crisis of insecurity, impartiality of justice and lack of guarantees for the protection of human rights of people across the United States, and in recent years, proposals, which demand to place human rights as a real priority on the agenda of the United States, effectively and not just rhetoric, as it has hitherto. Without respect for individual guarantees, any nation project will continue to be compromised or delayed, and people in New Jersey are getting tired of that.


On October 7, 2015, the minimum of one person was wounded in a shootout at the New Brunswick Apartments and was quickly transferred to a hospital in a witness’ car while the law enforcement team were gathering leads, making sure they interview possible suspects, witnesses and get all the clues they need in order for a quick and fruitful investigation of the incident in New Brunswick, New Jersey.


Isolated Incidents


The 206 total apartments building is owned by a private company that is located in North Quincy, Massachusetts. According to the NBPD radio broadcasts, the victim was taken to the hospital in a Honda that was identified as a dark vehicle. The suspect was described as a man with a gun who wore a hooded sweatshirt who fled, according to police reports.


The community has had issues with criminal attempts and actions for the past few years, and May 7, 2013, was no different. When a man approached a house to deliver a pizza, he receives notice that no pizza was ordered there, and he made his way back to the vehicle, where 3 men encountered him. In the wake of walking back to his vehicle to get the pizza, one of the suspects drew out a handgun, put it to the man’s head and requested cash, police said. The three men stole the casualty’s wallet, cash, and pizza before running from the scene to a parking garage nearby. The men then fled the scene in a minivan, according to witnesses.


Hoping to diminish these isolated incidents, both the community and the police are working together keeping a vigilant eye on their streets and any suspicious activity that might be happening. With an ever growing close relationship, the police and the New Brunswick community are pledging to make their city a safer place for everyone.