A Snapshot Of Mexican Oil Industry Service Company Cotemar

A Quick Introduction To Cotemar Of Mexico

Cotemar is an and oil and energy service company that is headquartered in the Mexican State of Campache along the Gulf of Mexico. The official address of the company headquarters is Ave. Adolfo Lopez Mateos No. 4 Col. Puerto Pesquero Ciudad del Carmen, CP 24140. This translates to the company being located along Avenue Adolfo Lopez Mateos Building #4 in the fishing port town of Ciudad del Carman in the Mexician state of Campache with zip code 24140. You Contact Cotemar by calling 52 938 381 1400. The firm was founded in 1979 to service Mexico’s expanding offshore oil drilling operations along the gulf coast.

The Services Offered By Cotemar To The Oil Industry

One of the key services offered by Cotemar to workers in the offshore oil industry is food and lodging. The company operates ships and stationary platforms that contain cafeterias, cabins with beds and even recreational facilities. The cabins operated by Cotemar house up to four people. Fresh hot meals are prepared in these ships and platforms. House keeping services such as the cleaning of common areas, laundry, bedding and ironing is also provided by Cotemar so that oil industry employees can focus on their tasks at hand.

The recreational amenities provided by Cotemar are state of the art. Offshore workers can watch movies, work out in gyms, watch TV and even play a game of basketball all while being out on sea. These are just some of the ways that Cotemar makes life as comfortable and stress free as possible to workers in offshore oil industry. The company is currently able to provide for around a 4,000 people person capacity at sea with these lodging services.

Another critical services provided by Cotemar to the offshore oil industry is the delivery of food and other essential materials. Cotemar has a whole fleet of ships that can deliver food in refrigerated vessels so that it does not spoil and arrives fresh. It also has available barges and tugboats that can carry large and heavy equipment and structures needed to drill oil from the sea. Boats that transport oil from the drilling platforms are also available to lease. These same transport boats can also be used to transport abrasive materials needed for offshore drilling such as sand, mud and barite. Cotemar also has specialized vessels for helping to cleanup oil spills and fight fires out at sea.

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