Cotemar: A Sustainable Maritime Company



For the past 38 years, a maritime services company based out of Mexico, has maintained its stature as a top producer. The company, known as Cotemar, specializes not only in maritime services but also in petroleum supply, construction of specialized ships, and offshore maintenance and construction. Cotemar’s sustainability, in the maritime and petroleum venues of business, can be attributed to its core values. The core values of Cotemar focus mainly in providing the very best in customer service to all of its clients. To achieve this goal Cotemar relies on its over 7000 employees to deliver the most professional and ethical services possible. Thusly, Cotemar focuses much of its energies on the professional development of its staff. One of the most innovative aspects of Cotemar is the provision of specialty ships and platforms for those deployed in the world waters doing petroleum production work. These specialized ships and platforms come equipped with state of the art housing and catering services. In addition, sporting activities and other recreational activities such as movies. In terms of environmental responsibilty, Cotemar takes this responsibility seriously. To this end,using state of the art practices and technology, Cotemar ensures that only the strictest measures are taken in their petroleum processing practices. Cotemar has established itself as one of the top 5 petroleum processing companies in the world (even though the company continues to be based solely out of Mexico.) The company continues to strive to provide the very best in customer support, employee satisfaction, and environmentall sound practices. Cotemar maintains its bright future and sustainability in maritime services.