David McDonald- OSI Group:

*A Closer look at David McDonald/ OSI Industries:

David McDonald is currently the CEO of OSI Group. Mr. McDonald has a variety of responsibilities on a regular basis. OSI Group services a number of retail organizations within the meat packing industry. Before becoming CEO of OSI Group David McDonald served as Project Manager for the company. OSI Group is headquartered within the Chicago Illinois area.

Previously, David McDonald was a Director of an organization called Marfrig which is also a company that provides services to companies within the meat industry. McDonald has a strong work ethic and he knows how to run a business in a efficient and productive manner.

*Educational Backround/Awards:

David McDonald graduated from Iowa State University with a Bachelors Degree in Animal Science. McDonald was honored to receive the Wallace Baron Senior Award for academic excellence. He has made many generous donations to the Iowa State University Foundation for education.

Mr. McDonald currently holds over three decades of experience within the food services industry. David McDonald has expertise within the area of contract negotiation and renewal as well as operations management. He is highly respected within the meat packing industry and he seems to work quite well within a high pressure environment.

Earlier in his career, McDonald traveled to such places as Australia, Asia and the United Kingdom for the sole purpose of visiting and observing other meat packing operations. David McDonald wanted to compare how other similar organizations run their operation on a daily basis. McDonald felt the experience was quite helpful and gave him new insight on how to improve OSI Industries.

David McDonald has been featured numerous times on the Bloomberg Network as well as CNBC Business News. He has publicly shared his management style which has proved quite successful throughout his career. David McDonald emphasizes the importance of understanding competition within the industry and formulating an effective strategy that keeps you one step ahead of the competition.

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How OSI Industries Keeps The World Fed

Fast food has certainly changed the world and how we think of food. OSI Industries has been a leader in the food processing industry fast food restaurants rely on to serve us every time we go to their restaurants. They’ve managed to create one of the world’s largest privately owned corporations and have no signs of stopping. The secret to their success is in the way OSI has managed to maintain excellent leadership while giving every employee the safety and work conditions they deserve. Few companies have managed to stay in business as long as OSI or with as much success.

How OSI Began

OSI has its origins in the surbubs of Chicago. During the turn of the 20th century there were many immigrants arriving to the Chicago metro area, but Otto Kolschowsky’s meat deli proved to be exceptionally popular and provided him with a level of success other grocers did not have. He eventually passed the business to his two sons who ran the business as Otto and Sons. As a family owned business, the company was able to achieve incredible level of success that allowed it to go into the international stage.

The Rise Of OSI

OSI has become an international corporation with holdings in countries across the world. You can find them providing meat in Europe, China, and other locales as well. They have provided so much meat they are believed to be the world’s most prominent supplier o protein. That status has certainly given the company a claim to fame, but it isn’t all the company is about. There are now services being provided by OSI for those who need frozen vegetables and other services as well. This makes OSI the sole provider of many important services for clients.

Where The Future Takes Them

The future is going to propel OSI into heights never thought possible. The company has already shown it understands how to expand its services and provide more clients with the services they need. Reaching the top wasn’t easy, but keeping their status is going to proven even more difficult. There is a need to find ways to expand the reach of OSI, but fortunately the leadership of the company is more than prepared for that. OSI has gone so far from its days as a family owned meat deli and that’s not going to change directions.

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The Contribution of David G. McDonald towards the Sustainability of OSI Industries

Mr. David G. McDonald is the current COO and president of OSI Industries. Before his current roles in OSI Industry, Mc Donald held the position of project manager at OSI. He also acts as the chairman of North American Meat Institute. After Marfrig acquired the OSI operations in Europe and Brazil, David became an independent director for the company. He sits on the board at OSI and serves as a director of the Australian branch of OSI Food Industry. Mr. McDonald graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in Animal Science.

OSI Group is an international company that supplies meat products including pizza and sandwiches to other food companies. The company has businesses in over 17 countries and serves brands like McDonald’s, Burger King among many others. The company has made improvements and recorded an upward growth rate. David has taken up several projects that have ensured the sustainability of the enterprise. He has launched a joint venture with DOYOO Group in China. The joint venture is called DaOSI and have made significant strides in the production of poultry products in the Chinese market. Under McDonald’s management, the organization has launched a facility in Poland for beef processing. Additionally, they have opened a frozen food processing industry in India. McDonald has also penetrated the Geneva and Hungary markets. Most importantly, the company has established a global network. Further, he ensures that the management team constitutes of individuals with a clear understanding of the cultures and tastes of the people.

In early 2016, OSI Group acquired a Dutch manufacturer of convenience foods called Baho Foods. However, the financial transactions weren’t released to the public. According to the president and COO of OSI Group, the addition of Baho Foods to their portfolio sought to give OSI a broader presence in Europe. Further, he said that Baho Foods portfolio complemented OSI processing strengths and broadened their ability to serve their customers. Baho has five subsidiary plants based in Germany and Netherlands. The five companies meant that OSI would increase its presence in over 18 European countries in which Baho served. Information released showed that the managing director of Baho Foods and his team would remain as part of the workforce and help in the transitioning. It was his idea that the combined strengths of the two houses would enable them to serve their customers better. Additionally, the transaction would accelerate the growth of the companies and help in the realization of set goals.

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