Dick And Betsy DeVos Put Education First

Richard “Dick” DeVos and his wife Betsy are huge proponents of education. The ultra-wealthy conservative family run one of the largest philanthropic organizations in the state of Michigan.


The DeVos family are the owners of Amway Corporation and the Orlando Magic basketball team. Dick DeVos is the CEO of the Windquest Group, a corporation that has interest in green energy.


Both of the DeVoses consider themselves reformers. Betsy DeVos, in particular, started on the road to educational reform while she was a college student. She saw the inadequacies that affected certain zip codes and was determined to see that all children got a fair shake. Dick served as president of the Michigan Board of Education in 1990.


The DeVoses have given generously to a number of charter schools. The believe in the voucher program that gives students the opportunity to attend good, quality schools.


The Richard and Betsy DeVos Charitable Foundation has provided funding for a number of interests. Mrs. Devos currently sits on a number of boards including Kids Hope USA, Marble Hill Bible Church and the Foundation for Excellence in Education.


Mrs. DeVos says she is hapy to see that her hard work is spreading across the country. A school choice initiatives are in place in Indiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arizona and Pennsylvania, just to name a few.


In recent years, the DeVos family delved into the world of politics. Dick DeVos ran unsuccessfully in 2006 to unseat incumbent Governor Jennifer Granholm (D). Dick DeVos says running again is not out of the question.