Securus Technologies – Leading Technology Provider for Prisons and Correctional Facilities

Securus Technologies offers civil and criminal justice technology services to its clients ranging from county jails to large prisons in the United States and Canada. The company allows the law enforcement agencies with the right technology to help them maintain public safety. From the emergency response, investigation to the verification and communication services, Securus Technologies has been in the forefront to provide innovative public safety institutions. For the benefit of the country and public safety, prisons are adapting newer technologies and are not afraid to share with the world how they are using it to lower the crime rate in the country.


Securus Technologies constantly receives a number of emails and letters from its clients. All of these contain comments about how their company has helped change lives and made it easier for prison officials to continue with their work. These comments are a motivation to the company as they come to know what they are doing and hope to continue doing so. They are adding newer products to their portfolio so that their clients can fulfill all of their needs from just one company.


People often underestimate the importance of technology. While most prisons were slow in adapting technology by Securus Technologies, I worked in one of those prisons. I have seen for a fact the benefits that these technologies have to offer. Prisons have become much safer than it was before. Since the prisoners know that they are being watched at all times, the crime rates have come down to a great extent. Even drug use and alcohol use which was highly present in jails have died down since prisoners are being easily caught doing illegal activities.


I also read a umber of other comments from other clients of Securus technologies that appreciated their work in making their jails and prisons safe. Those using their software said that their software is the best thing that has happened to their facilities and how they have been using the software for the benefit of prisoners and the public.



How Securus Technologies Makes The Quality of One’s Life Better

Securus Technologies may be considered to be one of your most optimal choices of options available to communicate with others if you’re in jail. It is a program that has been creatively built to allow inmates and those outside of the correctional facilities to contact one another for the means of staying in touch in innovative fashions. It is a great program that improves the lives of both the inmate and those who that they are speaking to if they are relatives, significant others, or friends.


Securus Technologies has been accredited by the BBB, thus giving it the credentials that it needs to be recognized as a great provider and option of communications. The quality of communications is second to none as it has been properly engineered to make connections strong, secure, and private.


Securus Technologies has had a tremendous role in solving crimes that occur in correctional facilities as police officers are provided with opportunities of utilizing the chat sessions that are conducted within the program between inmates and those who that they chat as evidence pieces in the case that any information is transmitted that includes a crime. Such crimes can then be monitored and investigated as needed, thus, making Securus Technologies a great catalyst of keeping the community safe as it prevents dangerous instances of crimes from affecting communities. If you are unsure about whether the program can be used by you or not, please feel free to look at the requirements of one’s computer system to see if it is compatible. If so, you will be able to utilize the program with no problems. Perhaps one of the best parts about using it if it is compatible with your system is that the pricing options are very low and competitive, thus, giving you more time to talk if needed without spending too much money on the communications.


The Tale Of Two Prison Phone Companies

Over 2 million children have at least one parent in prison. Studies show that a parent being in prison is akin to the experience of having that parent die. Studies also show that when you allow ample communication between the prisoner and their children, recidivism goes down. It also reduces the likelihood that the child will commit a crime later in life.


There are two huge players in the prison telecommunications industry — Global Tel*Link and Securus. And they couldn’t be more different.


Securus provides video chat services for the prisons that they service. This allows a prisoner to connect with friends and family on the outside of a prison easily and conveniently. This company also allows the prisoner and his or her family to pay for the services very conveniently as well. It’s this kind of ample communication that drives down crime rates.


Global Tel*Link, on the other hand, is famous for terrible service. Calls are often dropped in their incredibly expensive. One family in the New York Times proclaimed that they spent over $300 per week talking to their loved one on the inside of a prison. This cost can be prohibitive and terminate communications between the prisoner and his or her child. This is the kind of nonsense the drives of crime rates.


So it is incredibly absurd to see that these two companies are fighting in patent court in Texas. Global Tel*Link, in a pathetic attempt to protect its $500 million per your business, is suing Securus over “patent infringement”. But what the company is doing is really stalling it’s competition. So long as Securus is fighting a lawsuit in federal court, they cannot provide the very best in proprietary Internet voice call protocols. I think the federal government should move in to quash Global Tel*Link