Just Fab’s New Finance Chief

If you are a shopaholic with a craving of discounts, then the Just Fab VIP membership is the answer to all of your shopping dreams. JustFab is an online fashion company that sells all sorts of clothing, like dresses, blouses, fashion tees, sweaters, pants, skirts, leggings and jeans. The JustFab company also sells all kinds of shoes, boots, handbags, jewelry and swimwear.

The features of the JustFab website include being able to personalize your shopping store and to get discounts and points when you shop with a JustFab VIP membership. The membership for JustFab is a monthly charge for all the clothing in the webstore to be at a discounted price. Members are able to skip a month if they want to and they are not charged for the monthly membership fee. Customers with memberships can cancel their membership at anytime they would like to.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Fabletics recently hired a new finance chief: Todd Tappin. Todd Tappin has worked at Rubicon Project and the Gores Group in the past.  Learn more about JustFab: https://www.glassdoor.com/Overview/Working-at-JustFab-EI_IE658219.11,18.htm

JustFab was recently made the “unicorn moniker” after it was valued to be worth one billion dollars. The JustFab company believes they will make about six hundred and fifty million dollars this year alone. JustFab estimates that they have about four million VIP members signed onto their membership program. Read more: Fashion Unicorn Startup JustFab Inc. Taps CFO With IPO Experience

Todd Tappin said that he is aware that the company is in strong standing. He plans to help the company open up for more financial growth in the future. Todd Tappin additionally thinks that the debt and equity of the company should be opened so that they can have financial acquisitions. Doing these things may be a good idea based on the current United States economy as well. New stock issuing was at a low of seven point two billion dollars.