Dr. David Samadi Offers Practical Tips to Improve Your Sexual Health

Sexual drive is important especially for men. Dr. David Samadi recommends adopting a healthy approach early in life to avoid preventable conditions later on in life. A proactive and preventive strategy ensures you retain your vitality as you age. Let us look at what a man can do to remain sexually healthy.

Exercise is vital. It boosts your confidence and sexual drive. It puts you in control of your weight, energy and performance levels besides improving your digestion. An exercise regime goes hand in hand with proper diet and nutrition. Go for a balanced diet packed with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. This augments your immunity, helps your body detoxify and leaves you rejuvenated and feeling great.

Embrace Kegel exercises to improve the quality of sex. The exercises boost your sexual stamina. They are easy to learn and can be done in private. Get a physical examination done regularly. This lets you know your current status of health and what you can do to improve the situation.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle. Alcohol and tobacco reduce libido and accelerate erectile dysfunction. Similarly, keep away from illegal drugs. Manage your stress. This helps you stay in control, relaxed and ready to go.

Men fear decreased sexual performance with age. On the other hand, women are afraid of the menopause phase. Dr. David Samadi can help you demystify the menopause stage to drive out the fear. He is a renowned urologic oncologist based at Lenox Hill Hospital. He also serves as a medical correspondent for Fox News. He has a few tips about menopause.

It occurs on average at fifty years. It may come early depending on genetics and lifestyle. Perimenopause precedes it. Hormone production reduces and periods become irregular at this stage. Hot flashes are the most common indicator of menopause. They may be accompanied by symptoms such as joint pain and mood swings.

Hot flashes are random and unique to each. Menopause leads to less calcium in the body. It increases the risk of heart disease and results in weight gain. A healthy lifestyle will enable you to manage them more effectively.

Dr. David Samadi attended Stony Brook University. He then proceeded to Montefiore Medical Center, New York, for further studies. He did his fellowship at Henri Mondor Hospital as well as the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. He is also associated with Mt. Sinai Hospital. Dr. David Samadi has appeared in numerous media interviews and is an avid blogger.

Nathaniel Ru Advocating For Healthy Eating

Feeding better food to more people is the primary purpose and agenda of Sweetgreens chain of restaurants according to its co-CEO Nathaniel Ru. Sweetgreens has more than 40 locations serving healthy, organic and fresh locals that keep diners waiting to have a taste of his delicious recipe.

This high-end salad chain hits the right keys in the food industry, and it’s backed by big investors like Daniel Boulud, Danny Meyer, and Steve Case.

The company is co-owned by two Georgetown University classmates who are tech pioneers. They ensure that 30% of Sweetgreens transaction passes through their mobile app or website. Ru says that technology is their DNA and a good way of making their business succeed.

To stay closer to their customers the trio as come up with a management strategy that requires their corporate offices to close doors and work on the ground. According to Ru, the company has decentralized its operation and headcount, and they recently opened an office in Los Angeles.

The trio, consisting of Nicolas Jammet, Jonathan Neman, and Nathaniel Ru, come from first –generation immigrants and they all have parents who own businesses. They met in an entrepreneurship class, and they formed a bond that has seen them open healthy eating restaurants. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru:  https://angel.co/nathaniel-ru and https://about.me/nathanielru

The co-founders opened doors to their first business in Georgetown in August 2007 and from that day they have grown to chain of restaurants all over.

Nathaniel Ru states that the best advice he can give to himself as a 20-year-old is to read and read more books than he can even handle. He also states that the hardest thing when it comes to managing is to delegate works once you get used. He confesses that Nic, Jon and he used to handle all the roles in the company.

He advises that once you start a business, you should learn to build a team early enough. Nathaniel Ru favorite restaurant is Little Serow Johnny Monis; it has superb Northern Thai food, and his most admired CEO is Kevin Plank of Under Armour.

Nathaniel Ru holds a 2007 BS in finance from McDonough School of Business Georgetown University. He is one of the co-founders of Sweetgreens Company that believes in local and sustainable sourcing.

Nathaniel and his co-founders believe in food that fits your tastes, budget, value, community, and imagination. Ru and his partners also launched the largest food and music festival “Sweetlife” that attracts more than 20,000 attendees