Patty Rocklage and Scott Rocklage Celebrate Each other in Marriage

One thing about marriage is that it takes a lot of work. In order for a marriage and family to stay strong, people have to put in a lot of work at it. However, it is not just working directly at the marriage that is going to work. One has to put in a lot of work on himself in order to avoid too many issues in the marriage. The same can be said for the wife. Also, there are many factors outside marriage that could have an effect on the relationship. Among these are finances and employment. People have to be able to manage their stress and read full article.

One couple that is worth looking to as an example of a strong marriage is Patty and Scott Rocklage. One of the reasons that the relationship is strong is that they often do things together. For one thing, people who do things together share some memories. This is a lot better than a relationship where two people are non-existent in each others lives. Also, a little bit of creativity goes a long way in relationships. This is one of the reasons that Patti Rocklage have managed to build a good career as a marriage and family counselor.

As a marriage counselor, she uses a warm communication style that can help disarm both parties. She can encourage couples and families to bring forth solutions to their issues with ideas that come from thinking outside of the box. With children, one of the most effective ways to raise them is with the use of rewards as well as punishment. One thing that helps is getting the children to have positive focus. Instead of thinking about what they don’t want, they will be able to find their way towards something they do want by having positive behaviors and what Patty knows.

Lime Crime | The Doe Deere Brainchild Turned Empire

If you’ve ever seen Doe Deere, you automatically understand that she’s a colorful soul. And we mean this quite literally. Color, is what she lives for. Color is what her passion is and though she has a thriving cosmetic business, it didn’t all start with that. Doe is a Russian born, New York City raised Millennial that loved fashion as far back as she can remember. Given her age, that’s not that far back. She’s a fresh face, and one of the boldest fashion divas to come up in a long, long time.

Where it Really Began

One day, when Doe was younger, she was sewing and creating one of her fabulous, boldly colored fashions. This was something that was probably more colorful than she’d come up with before. We say this because what she did next is pretty uncommon. Doe went looking for makeup at the department stores and pharmacies to match her latest creation. Frustrated, she couldn’t find anything she liked or that was suitable for the ensemble. So, Doe being Doe, she said meh… I’ll just create a line for myself then and boom, Lime Crime was born. Her Unicorn line being the most popular, is a line of beautiful, bold and vibrant colors on matte and gloss as well as an array of beautiful eye shadows.

Her Philosophy that Keeps Lime Crime Going Strong

Doe has a unique philosophy and it has caught on feverishly. She says that as long as color does not clash and as long as the colors in different patterns compliment each other, you can mix and match all you want. Look at any picture of Doe and we defy you to catch her subdued in any way.

She also trashes those tired fashion rules. You know, the ones that say you can’t wear a bold eye with a bold lip or cheek color. She openly scoffs it and tells young and old to cut loose and be you! She mentions, on many occasions how she got her mother out of those rules and changed her life by adding color like only Doe can do!

Doe Deere and her High Quality Makeup Products

Doe Deere is a female entrepreneur who has demonstrated her skills as a businesswomen with a plan over the past eight years thanks to her company that is known as Lime Crime and that specializes in bringing out the beauty in all different individuals whether they be male or female with the use of bright colored makeup to accentuate the beauty. As the founder, the creator, as well as the current CEO of the company known as Lime Crime, Doe Deere has been changing the way that individuals look to apply makeup and the way that both women and men use makeup to express their freedom.

Doe Deere is a female entrepreneur who spent her childhood growing up in New York City, a city that truly fits into the reputation that is known around the world as the city being the city that never sleeps. Growing up in New York City encourages Ms. Deere to be creative and to always pursue a passion of hers with full commitment. Ms. Deere’s passion for makeup and for designing bright colored clothes came at a young age when Ms. Deere remembers playing with her friends during sleepovers. During this time, Ms. Deere learned that she loved to play with makeup and learned that she wanted to learn how each item of makeup worked.

Though Ms. Deere could never have been considered a stylist at the early age of nine years old, Ms. Deere could always be considered an innovator with lofty goals and dreams that she had even at a young age. By 2008, her dreams turned into a reality after she established her first company that sold clothes online with the company of Lime Crime as a company that was created to accentuate the clothes that she sold. Lime Crime was created because Doe Deere could not find a makeup that was bright enough for her clothes.

The first ever product that was launched through Lime Crime was a product that was known as Unicorn Lipstick, a product that started the trend of bright colors that were radical and that would change the way that makeup enthusiasts would apply their makeup to their face. By 2009, the company was in full throttle and was a company that became dedicated to producing products for the purpose of helping individuals stand out more. Lime Crime is a company that is especially recognized on social media sites with the many posts that she makes to show the new styles that she has come up with and how her company has evolved.

Ms. Deere feels lucky with her early on passion for using makeup. Ms. Deere even often remarks that she feels as though she has cheated her career path because of the fact that she is having too much fun in the process of running a successful business with millions of subscribers to her company. Ms. Deere hopes to grow her company even more into the future and to put out products that reach perfection.

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Doe Deere’s Fashion Fun

Fashion is all about looking great and finding your own style. That’s why fashion dictates coming down from the ivory towers of fashion in New York just don’t seem to work anymore. That’s the feeling of Internet CEO Doe Deere, who’s the force behind the innovative online cosmetics line, Lime Crime. Deere has made a name for herself with her bold use of color and unusual ideas about what works in fashion and beauty.

Here are some of the rules Deere loves to break, style-wise.

1. Only Wear Black and White, Neutral Colors if Your Hair is an Unnatural Color
Doe Deere is well known for sporting wildly colorful hair in shades of purple or blue, but she doesn’t hold back as far as wearing color in her wardrobe.

2. Don’t Wear a Lot of Patterns Together.
This is an old, hard and fast rule that is just now being broken by innovators like Deere. She says the key to pulling off a pattern combination look is to find ways in which the patterns coordinate, like with matching colors or in shapes within the patterns. She is also fond of wearing some solid accent colors (like in tights or a scarf) that help keep things looking pulled together.

3. Play Up the Lips or Eyes with Makeup, Not Both.

As far as Deere is concerned, both the eyes and lips should be made up to play off eachother. The key is in using rich colors (like deep red or burgundy for the lips) and coordinating the hues in the eyes and lips. Done well, gorgeous eyes and lips are a knockout.

4. Don’t Wear a Lot of Colors All Together
Deere has long embraced a “Unicorn” theory of fashion and color, which means she loves to wear a lot of colors.

Sure, rules change all the time, which is why Deere feels it’s ok to play with the dictates of fashion and make your own beauty standards. It’s works for her, so why not give it a try?

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