Dick Devos’ Wife, Betsy Devos, Talks About Her Philanthropic Engagements

Betsy DeVos, the wife to Dick DeVos, is an educational reformer. Alongside Dick’s support, Betsy has made major contributions to the educational-reform movement. Over the years, Betsy DeVos has actively engaged in politics. Having been in politics for over 30 years, she has led a number of campaigns, PACs, party organizations and served as chairperson of the Michigan Republican Party. She uses her political power and non-profit roles to pursue educational reform. Besides her chairmanship at the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, she serves on various national and local boards where she advances her advocacy for educational-choice movement. Her efforts have seen the establishment of 33 publicly funded, private-choice programs across 17 states as of 2013. She is inspired by the desire to help low-income parents to choose the right school for their children. This information was originally mentioned on Philanthropy Roundtable as explicated in the following link http://www.philanthropyroundtable.org/topic/excellence_in_philanthropy/interview_with_betsy_devos

About Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos is a shrewd entrepreneur, professional pilot, a philanthropist and an author from Michigan. He is the son of Richard DeVos, Amway’s co-founder and the 67th richest person in the US in 2012 on Forbes list. In 2006, Dick vied for the gubernatorial seat in Michigan but lost. His business career started at a tender age when he started engaging in the affairs of Amway, a family business. He officially joined Amway in 1974 where he held different ranks in research and development, marketing and sales, and manufacturing and finance. Later, he was appointed as one of the company’s vice presidents. Owing to his success, he was promoted to serve as the president of the noble corporation where he was in charge of the operations in 50 countries. In 1991, the DeVos family purchased the National Basketball Association’s Orlando Magic basketball venture. Dick DeVos was appointed to serve as the president and CEO of the company. Dick is affiliated with the Windquest Group, a family investment company that focuses on manufacturing, technology and other sectors.

Apart from his business involvements, Dick DeVos has played a significant role in various community causes. In partnership with his wife, Dick established the Education Freedom Fund to support underprivileged children in Michigan. He also established the West Michigan Aviation Academy, a charter school. In addition, he has been part of Grand Rapids regional health care improvements and downtown revitalization. Dick was appointed to the Federal Aviation Administration’s Management Advisory Council by Secretary Elaine Chao of the US Department of Transportation in 2017. His book, “Rediscovering American Values” is New York Times best-selling book. It is available in seven languages. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Northwood University. Moreover, the successful businessman has also received honorary doctorates from Central Michigan University, Northwood University and Grove City College. This information was originally reported on Wikipedia as provided in the link below https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dick_DeVos