End Citizens United Has A Lot Of Work To Do

In the 2018 election cycle, End Citizens United has a group of politicians who, they want the public to know, are supporting big business and politics. So on top of their normal regimen of duties and service rendered for the sake and interest of the general public, this PAC (Political Action Committee) has a list of officials they intend to focus on during the upcoming elections made up of twenty different names. ECU calls it the “Big Money 20”.

For many of the individuals on this list, the upcoming elections cycle may prove to be an uphill battle, and opponents of big money in politics want to take advantage the circumstance. To this end, they plan on spending 35 million dollars to make sure these incumbents do not get reelected once the voters go to the polls. When it comes to the voiced opinions about these candidates on the list, End Citizens United president Tiffany Muller is not shy about her feelings. She does not mince words when calling them “the worst of the worst”.

And although some may not go so far as to describe them that way, the message that her organization carries with them does resonate. As a matter of fact, when campaign reform is presented to the public as a substitute for the traditional democratic platform and voice, people are listening. According to the numbers and some studies on theatlantic.com, they are actually more receptive as voters to the messages that this political action committee focus on than the agendas of the Democratic Party itself. For many names on the “Big Money 20”, list this kind of means rocky waters ahead for them.

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However, there are two individuals in particular, house Speaker Paul Ryan and Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, that seem to be in a safe spot like the shadow of a large stone out in the desert. Most experts say their positions are safe. This list has only one other senator named, Dean Heller of Nevada, while the rest are representatives. However, the safety of these debatably key players in the political scene will not stop end citizens united from its mission and goal.

The primary purpose of this action committee is to take big money out of politics and change the rigidness of the system itself. To do this, the aim is to pass state ballot measures and raise awareness about the issue to the national level where no one can escape the gravity of the situation. This is a enormous tasks to complete because overturning Supreme Court decisions does not happen often and since the 2010 decision was passed down it has five years of momentum before the inception if the ECU. This political action committee needs all the help and attention it can get for the sake of the entire nation.

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