Greg Secker Career Life

Greg Secker is a young businessman who ventured into the industry with a storm. Secker was born in the year 1975. The international speaker was born and raised in a humble family. However, his family background did not hinder his successful career. Secker has made his name in the country because of his accomplishments as an international speaker, philanthropist and master trader. In a recent interview, however, Secker says that his greatest responsibility is being a father.

In the year 2003, the businessman decided to establish a company known as the Knowledge to Action Group. The institution consists of various companies such as capital index, smart chart software, the Greg Secker Foundation and Learn to Trade. All the enterprises in the group focus on helping people to become successful in trading. Secker believes that without financial freedom, it is impossible for individuals to improve their lives.

Secker’s humble background has been instrumental in his career. After completing his education, the serial investor started work at the Thomas Cook Financial Services where he served for several years. He later moved to foreign exchange world, forming a company known as Virtual Trading Desk. This special platform was one of its kind because it allowed its clients to get quotes from the foreign exchange transactions. The company did very well under the leadership of Greg Secker, and it also assisted very many individuals to make money in the competitive trading world.

After a short duration, Greg Secker landed a job at the prestigious Mellon Financial Corporation where he worked as the vice president. The position at the finance company exposed him to greater and challenging situations. He was able to work and travel to different locations where he acquired a lot of expertise. The knowledge he has in trading increased significantly due to his presence in the company.

In just three months, Secker had learned so much, and he was able to open an institution known as Learn To Trade. The private company has become a leader in the international platform, and it has expanded into many parts of the world. The company has been operational for over thirteen years now.