Oncotarget Understands The Meaning of Having Free and Open Access for The Scientific Community

Oncotarget, as a multidisciplinary traditional journal, that is a journal values the core values of being free and open access to its readers.

Oncotrarget’s main focus is focused around oncology. The entire journal’s focus (and its extended focus is geared directly towards curing diseases that are caused by cancer.)

How Oncotarget is able to consistent achieved this is by publishing papers online.

Oncotarget wants to make sure that the scientific results are very much available.

The purpose is to that the have the results and the study will be examined. Learn more about Oncotarget at Research Gate.

The purpose of the journal and its published papers to combat disease, especially through prevention, efficiently and effectively.

What makes this incredibly fortunate is that Oncotarget is able to team up with recognized scientific indexes.

The journal also archives to democratize access to any researcher to further to understand the study that was conducted.

The “open-sourced” nature, that is similar to programming in a subtle way, has cover various topics beyond its initial focus in a way that helps to combat diseases via prevention..

Microbiology, chromosomes, and other subjects of study are added as extended focuses in adjacent to oncology.

Oncotarget, active largely since 2010, is currently the largest oncology peer-reviewed research publication, globally. Follow Oncotarget on Linkedin.

Increasing The Frequency to Twice A Week

Adding to the status and reputation that the journal has acquired, Oncotarget is intent to increase the frequency of its publication.

The release frequency will be increased to a twice-weekly publication.

This allows for the its media consumers to receive and review new issues biweekly basis on Tuesday and on Friday.

The official reason behind that was that the traditional journal is ever so desperately avoiding gaps or delays in the releases of their publications further on.

Oncotarget Is Given A Voice: Many Voices

Oncotarget is also releasing several podcasts, too.

With the journal becoming a twice-weekly publication, this allows Oncotarget to serve its media consumers readily with the information that they need.

The podcast’s objective from Oncotarget is to let scientists (and the scientifically-minded) to uncover new developments that have been uncovered through Oncotarget.

The new great avenue to allow people to discover new developments in the scientific community.

The podcast series will be heard on available platforms on Stitcher, Blubrry, and Soundcloud.

Continuing Free and Access for Its Readers

Oncotarget continues on its mission that it will fulfill by closely abiding by its free and open access primary values when it handles its publications with both text and apparently audio, as well.

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