A Snapshot Of Mexican Oil Industry Service Company Cotemar

A Quick Introduction To Cotemar Of Mexico

Cotemar is an and oil and energy service company that is headquartered in the Mexican State of Campache along the Gulf of Mexico. The official address of the company headquarters is Ave. Adolfo Lopez Mateos No. 4 Col. Puerto Pesquero Ciudad del Carmen, CP 24140. This translates to the company being located along Avenue Adolfo Lopez Mateos Building #4 in the fishing port town of Ciudad del Carman in the Mexician state of Campache with zip code 24140. You Contact Cotemar by calling 52 938 381 1400. The firm was founded in 1979 to service Mexico’s expanding offshore oil drilling operations along the gulf coast.

The Services Offered By Cotemar To The Oil Industry

One of the key services offered by Cotemar to workers in the offshore oil industry is food and lodging. The company operates ships and stationary platforms that contain cafeterias, cabins with beds and even recreational facilities. The cabins operated by Cotemar house up to four people. Fresh hot meals are prepared in these ships and platforms. House keeping services such as the cleaning of common areas, laundry, bedding and ironing is also provided by Cotemar so that oil industry employees can focus on their tasks at hand.

The recreational amenities provided by Cotemar are state of the art. Offshore workers can watch movies, work out in gyms, watch TV and even play a game of basketball all while being out on sea. These are just some of the ways that Cotemar makes life as comfortable and stress free as possible to workers in offshore oil industry. The company is currently able to provide for around a 4,000 people person capacity at sea with these lodging services.

Another critical services provided by Cotemar to the offshore oil industry is the delivery of food and other essential materials. Cotemar has a whole fleet of ships that can deliver food in refrigerated vessels so that it does not spoil and arrives fresh. It also has available barges and tugboats that can carry large and heavy equipment and structures needed to drill oil from the sea. Boats that transport oil from the drilling platforms are also available to lease. These same transport boats can also be used to transport abrasive materials needed for offshore drilling such as sand, mud and barite. Cotemar also has specialized vessels for helping to cleanup oil spills and fight fires out at sea.

Source: http://www.empleo.cotemar.com.mx/

Fighting for Civil Liberties Thor Halvorssen

It doesn’t take much to notice all the madness going on in the world in today’s times. Every magazine, television or website has carnage and destruction on it. It makes you question if genuinely good people still exist anymore or if everyone is out to get everyone else. Humanity is pretty cruel, but luckily not everyone is out to drag someone else down, and there are people who are trying to do good for fellow man.

Thor Halvorssen is a human rights activist from Venezuela who is trying to protect his fellow man. Thor Halvorssen is a human rights activist who was born in Venezuela in March of 1976. Thor attended the university of Pennsylvanian for political science and history, graduating Phi Beta Kappa and magna cum laude. Thor is the CEO and founder of the Human Rights Foundation, a foundation that that advocates for civil liberties and human rights. Activism in the Halvorssen doesn’t stop with Thor it was almost as if it was passed down from his parents. In 1993 Thor’s father Thor Halvorssen Hellum, was imprisoned for trying to investigate the Medellin cartel for money laundering. He was held in prison for 74 days and tortured almost to death. His mother was shot in 2004 at a peaceful protest gathering.

Thor is not only into activism, but also dabbles in producing films such as U.N. Me, a documentary about places where the United Nations has intervened. He has also produced many other documentary films covering other topics regarding human rights. Topics range from media blackouts and censorship of an entire country to the inhuman treatment in the sugar industry. Thor’s efforts have not gone unnoticed, and people who put this much effort into their work deserve notoriety.

Judith Rodin the 12th president of the Rockefeller foundation, awarded Thor Halvorssen Sol Feinstone award for protecting free speech. He was also awarded the presidential silver medal by the 3rd president of Romania Emil Constantinescu in 2010 for the tenth anniversary of the Romanian revolution of 1989.

When being compassionate for other human beings is not only something you care deeply about, but seems to be part of your genes, it seems that is hard not to be involved with every aspect of being a human rights activist. Thor Halvorssen helps in more ways than one and the world could use more people who are caring for their fellow man.

Save Cash On Your Car Payments With Ignition Financial

There are many times when we make a mistake when we purchase and automobile and finance it. It is possible to do this because it might have been a time when interest rates were higher, or we just made a bad deal.


There are times when we settle for finding a car with payments that fit our budget rather than spending a little more time and getting a better deal by working a little harder. Sometimes we just get lazy and settle for the status quo.


Many people will just assume that they have to get their financing directly from the dealer or the used car company and that is not necessarily so. If financing can be obtained from the local bank or credit union, it is usually possible to get a very good financing rate. In this way, a person will know going into the car deal that he or she has all of the leverage.


Usually, the banker will give the customer a range of financing options as far as limits and guidance in similar areas. The buyer will now have a better negotiating point in dealing on a new car.


If a person has high car payments or the terms are not in the consumer’s favor, they can call Ignition Financial in Austin, Texas for relief. Ignition can refinance your car loan, and in many instances, save quite a bit of money for the consumer. Ignition will furnish the consumer with a no cost estimate of how much can be saved with a new financing plan.


This is a tremendous concept because there are not many finance companies around who will offer this kind of service. Now a consumer can shout, “Yes, please slash my payments to the bone!” All it takes is a few moments for the customer service person to get some information and reasonably good credit for the transaction to take place.


An individual may have financed the car when interest rates were higher, or he or she may have negotiated a term for the loan that was too long. Regardless of the reason, chances are very good that Ignition Financial can be of great help in situations like this.


In many cases, the savings are big enough to make a real difference in a family’s budget. Money is created for additional savings, retirement needs, remodeling, new furniture and a host of family needs that might have otherwise been unattainable. Give Ignition Financial a call right away and find out how their plan might help.


What Do You See When Looking In Your Mirror?

For the tenth time this month you take another close look at some cosmetic changes you want; but not necessarily need. However, now that all the kids have left the nest, perhaps it’s time you did something nice for yourself and start searching the Austin, Texas area for an experienced plastic surgeon and make yourself happy again. For a woman becoming a plastic surgeon, in a male dominated world, means at least five years of post-medical school training and even after that, you’re not finished with your education. Then when everything is completed, you still have to remind yourself that you are now in a profession that in the past, has not been welcoming to women. Despite all the darts that may have been tossed, one female in Austin, Texas jumped onboard the cosmetic train and has proven to one and all that she can be a winner. Here name is: Dr. Jennifer Walden.


Cosmetic surgery is one medical option where the body is exposed. And one of the major goals Dr. Walden targeted, was to help women improve themselves. And cosmetic surgery was for them an upgrade in their self appearance. Actually, another thing Dr. Walden discovered in the cosmetic business was women really do feel more comfortable going under the knife and discussing things about their bodies with an experienced women.


The Before And After Photo Gallery


When you choose cosmetic surgery from Dr. Jennifer and her associates, you will be able to view photos illustrating surgical procedures like:


* Breast Augmentation – lift or reduction or reconstruction using silicone or saline.

Male breast reduction and inverted nipple repair.

* Face Lift

* Nose Rhinoplasty

* Body Liposuction

These are just a few samples of the expertise you will find when your choice for cosmetic surgery is the professional women at Dr. Jennifer Walden medical center.


Note: Here is the contact information for Dr. Walden:

Phone: 512-328-4200

Business Website: drjenniferwalden.com

When contacting Dr. Walden keep in mind you may have an extended wait for any consultation with her or members of her staff – but Dr. Walden will be worth the wait.


Brian Bonar: Financial Genius

When it comes to the world of business, knowledge is the key to success. Whether you own a business, are interested in owning a business, or investing in a business; having a solid background surely increases your chances of succeeding. One of the top investors in Sunny California is Brian Bonar.

Brian Bonar has extensive knowledge in a wide range of fields especially finance. This guy has a hand in a number of successful projects in the fields of aviation, business, investments, and even fine dining. Being this knowledgeable doesn’t really come by chance as Bonar has surely put in plenty of work to be where he is today.

As of today Brian Bonar is the (CEO) and Chairman of Trucept Incorporated which specializes in employee benefits, payroll, and human resources administration to name a few. With a Bachelors Degree in Technical Engineering from James Watt Technical College and a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stafford University, Brian Bonar is well qualified for the tasks at hand.

These technical backgrounds give him a solid base to work from which also includes mergers and acquisitions. Finance is a huge industry so receiving as much knowledge as possible can definitely increase your chances of success. Before working with (Trucept)he was the Chairman/CEO with Dalrada Financial.

Working here gave Bonar a variety of tasks/jobs to do such as outsourcing, tax strategy techniques, benefit insurance, and supplemental insurance plans. Having such a brilliant mind as well as a Ph.D, Brian Bonar won Cambridge’s “Who’s Who” in 2010 for the Finance Executive of The Year Award.

He’s also a part of the National American Finance Association. Brian Bonar also has a fascination of good food and fine dining. San Diego County is full of ultra dining restaurants and this Scottish Entrepreneur has began to build his very own empire in this industry.

Bonar owns a chain of restaurants across the area and Bellamy’s is the cream of the crop. Bonar began doing a complete overhaul with the place by bringing in a master chef as well as mimicking the features of some of his favorite restaurants in the region. Sometimes imitation is the best form of flattery. He’s also looking to take part in another ambitious project at “The Ranch at Bandy Canyon.”

The 144 acre property has plans for a signature restaurant in a four star event place. Everything is mapped out including the staff, plush seating, aesthetics, and jazz paintings. The future is looking bright for Brian Bonar as well as the San Diego Area and all of the clients he does business with.

How Does Handy Help Homeowners Plan Events?

Homeowners in America are often too busy to clean their homes, and they leave the house every day without no plans to clean. They may visit Handy for assistance with event planning, and this article explains how the site helps when a customer must clean their home quickly. Handy is a place where every homeowner may request cleaning services, https://www.handy.com/services, find their favorite cleaner and keep a professional relationship with a cleaner.

#1: Home Cleaning Is Often Immediate

House cleaners understand their customers come to their with a schedule in-mind, and each new customer may be in need of cleaning that must happen at once. House cleaners may clear their schedules for a quick cleaning, and they will arrive at the appointed for cleaning before a party or reunion.

#2: How Do Homeowners May For Party Preparation?

Handy has a secure online payment system that may be used by every customer for their payments, and they may schedule as many appointments with the cleaner as they like. Handy takes payments for each service, and they take into account extra charges added by the cleaner for special services. A homeowner will agree to a price with the cleaner, and the price is noted through Handy.

#3: Handy Simplifies The Process

House cleaners rarely have time to take payment, or they are in the house when homeowners are at work. They may be paid online for their work, and the homeowners come home to a clean house. Handy serves everyone with a system that a child may learn to use. Finding a new cleaner is quite simple, and cleaners find new customers by the handful.

Handy’s purpose in the American market is ensuring families take a task off their plate. House cleaning through Handy is affordable, easy to schedule and completed by professionals.


What Determines a Sapphires Expense and Value?

When most people think of sapphires, they immediately conjure mental images of bright blue gemstones, sparkling with numerous facets. However, when you think about it, what really determines the value and expense of a sapphire? Is it the color, the shape, the size, or something else? Read on to learn more about what jewelers would consider a perfect sapphire.

What Sapphire Color Means for Value

From velvety blues, to midnight cerulean, to navy blue tinged with violet, sapphires come in a wide range of beautiful colors. Mostly variations of blue. However, the shade and depth of these colors determine the value and expense of a sapphire. If a gemstone is missing the shine and sparkle that comes with deep color, then its considered inexpensive, and even cheap. Whereas, when a sapphire is true in color, through and through, it has more value because it’s considered high-quality with more hue depth.

Measuring Sapphire Value in Carats

The average high-quality sapphire features 5 carats, regardless of how large the gemstone is as a whole. Large sapphires with lack of color depth but more carats are sold cheaper than smaller sapphires with color saturation and less carats. On average, expense depends on a jeweler’s knowledgeable opinion on a gemstone. Most commonly, sapphire rings are priced anywhere from $50 per carat, to well-over $10,000 per carat.

The Most Valuable Sapphire in History

Thus far, the most expensive and valuable sapphire on record was a deep blue gemstone that was encircled with diamonds on a ring. It was sold for over 5-million dollars in New York City circa 2014. Without the diamonds, the most expensive sapphire in history was an 18-carat stone, priced at $135,000 per carat. It was a brilliant blue that reflected the light in shimmers. Many jewelers dubbed it the perfect sapphire engagement ring. And no jeweler has yet been able to find its equal.

Both color and carat go into defining a sapphire, but most jewelry wearers prefer a vibrant gemstone to one that lacks luster and beauty. Which is why, in the eyes of the consumer, color will almost always win with value and expense over carat or size.

Technology Staffing Firm Led By John Goullet

Diversant is among the top technology staffing firms around. The firm stands out as a leader in technology staffing due to its core values of discipline, diversity and teamwork. Everyday, the firm works very hard to fulfill the needs of its clients. As well as working toward a common goal until it is achieved, the staff of Diversant works together to help both technology professionals and companies reach an ideal employment arrangement. Diversant has the ability to meet the staffing needs of a number of companies in a variety of industries. As well as helping companies, Diversant also provides technology professionals with a variety of skillsets and experience levels a number of employment options with the companies the firm serves.

The firm is led by longtime executive John Goullet who has worked in the technology field for over two decades. On a regular basis, Goullet sets the direction for the firm in terms or reaching certain goals. John is very familiar with the needs of companies when it comes to hiring technology professionals. He understands that they need professionals who have the most updated skills when it comes to jobs in web development, software engineering, database administration, network administration and systems analysis. Along with knowing what skillsets that technology workers need to have, Goullet is also aware of what companies are looking for when it comes to hiring technology professionals. As a result, John Goullet is often able to find ways to satisfy his clients.

Before John became the principal of Diversant, he spent a number of years working for a number of computer companies early in his career. He worked as a consultant for these companies in which he provided advice on how to best manage technology resources. Goullet would also manage these resources so that companies would get the most out of their technology. In the mid 1990’s, Goullet noticed that there were a number of companies looking to hire technology workers. As a result, he founded a new company that would help to meet this growing demand. He would eventually have his staffing firm join Diversant in order to form an more innovative technology staffing firm.

Title Clearing at its Best

Title clearing is a booming business in many parts of the country. One of the things that has propelled the growth of the industry in recent years is the online ordering options that are available. If you want to take things to the next level, this is a great area to start in. Nationwide Title Clearing is a company that works to help people in this area. Not only do they help people clear their current title loans, but they will also sell title loans to people and companies. This is a big business opportunity in a lot of areas. If you want to take your finances to a new level, this is a great way to start.

Nationwide Title Clearing

From the time the company was founded, Nationwide Title Clearing has wanted to make an impact on the industry. A lot of people have questions about credit and how to improve their financial position. Nationwide Title Clearing is there to help people during this process. Over time, the company has earned a reputation for providing quality customer service in a variety of ways. If you want to take things to the next level in your life, working with Nationwide Title Clearing is a great way to get started. There are a lot of people who have put their trust in this company.


One of the most important parts of a person’s financial life is their credit score. A lot of people do not understand credit or how to build it over time. A good general rule is to borrow money and pay it back on time. The length of your credit accounts being open will also play into your credit score. A lot of people struggle with low credit, and this can make it difficult to borrow money at a reasonable interest rate. Over the long term, Nationwide Title Clearing is a company that can provide the information you need to make a good decision in this area.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of people who are looking to make money in the title industry. In addition, others are simply looking to get rid of bad title loan debt. Nationwide Title Clearing is a company that helps people on both sides of this spectrum. If you need answers as it relates to your credit, this is a great company to work with. Nationwide Title Clearing has a track record of success in adding value to their clients over the long term.

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Giants Do Fall

 Bruce Levenson has taken on the giant insurance company AIG (American General Life) and its subsidiary New Hampshire Insurance Company. The battle involves two titans from different arenas and if the best man wins it will be Bruce Levenson who emerges victorious.

Bruce Levenson is an American businessman. He is the founder of UCG. The former owner of a NBA basketball team, the Atlanta Hawks, is a philanthropist, an avid skier, golfer, and basketball player. A journalist by profession this graduate of the American University in St. Louis and the American University School of Law has worked at the The Washington Post.

As a philanthropist, Levenson has been a staunch supporter of Jewish causes donating millions to Jewish groups. He created the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland and is a sponsor of the annual Do Good Challenge. He has also served as president of the “I Have a Dream” Foundation.

In 2015 as published by Forbes.com, the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment Group(AHBE) sold the NBA team to Tony Ressler. Before the sale could be finalized, the Levenson group had to settle claims made by the team’s former general manager, Danny Ferry. This led to a lawsuit being filed against New Hampshire Insurance Company a subsidiary of AIG. The lawsuit accuses AIG of breach of contract stating that they ignored or rejected business practices under the group’s policy.

At the core of the lawsuit is the terrmination of Danny Ferry. According to Levenson, “this is a bad faith civil action,” Ferry’s termination and the issues of “Workplace Tort” and “Wrongful Termination” are covered in the policy. Another issue of the lawsuit is AIG’s failure to cover settlement loses AHBE has incurred in it’s disagreement with Ferry.

Bruce Levenson is a man with the courage of his convictions. He is a good man who stands behind what he believes in. He also has the humility to take ownership of his mistakes and shortcomings.

Read more; http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/11493472/jason-whitlock-bruce-levenson-atlanta-hawks