The Revolutionary Wen Hair Care System

In a recent article in bustle magazine, one of the beauty contributors did a review of Wen Hair Care by Chaz Dean. She traded in her traditional shampoo for a six-day trial of the hair cleansing system. The first day of her product experiment, her hair looked great initially but as the day wore on her hair became limp and oily early. In the following days, she encountered the same issue so instead of showering and washing her hair at night she opted to do it in the morning. By showering in the morning her hair looked goodnight and she was able to keep her hair from looking oily during the day.overall she recommended the win hair cleansing system by Chaz Dean for fine, limp hair and suggests to use the product in the morning to keep your hair looking fresh throughout the day.
He is a Los Angeles stylist and has a celebrity clientele list. He developed the Wen hair care system to give his clients the beautiful hair they’ve always wanted. His cleansing conditioner uses all-natural products and his soap free. The cleansing conditioner is applied to the hair and massage dinner and rent Skout.

WEN is available online on ebay and in most major Beauty Outlet and supply stores. The overwhelming popularity of this hair care system continues to grow and thrive. Women everywhere are trying Wen hair care products and are extremely satisfied with the amazing results. Give the wind Hair Care cleansing conditioners a try and you will see that it will provide you with beautiful, healthy hair as you haven’t seen before.

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Venezuelan Revolution Promised Quality Healthcare Failed To Deliver

With a nation running out of money to import vital medicines and supplies, Venezuelan citizens are left without proper medical care that was promised during the Socialist Revolution lead by Hugo Chavez.

Venezuela is in financial crisis as oil prices drop and foreign currency runs dry, leaving the country unable to import not only medicine, supplies but also food. Supplies meant to be used once are having to be cleaned and reused multiple times.

Care of the sick is the top priority of Danilo Diaz, doctors and nurses, however, without proper supplies and medicine to treat patients, reusing, re-purposing, using outdated treatments and hoping for the best is all the medical staff can do until resources become available to properly treat those in need. Contact Granados at his website for more information.