Investment Advice From Paul Mampilly

There are a lot of people who claim to have the best interests of clients in mind. However, these people typically do not have the experience of someone like Paul Mampilly. Throughout his career in investing, he has worked hard to help other people as much as possible. This is something that a lot of people appreciate about his life and career. Not only does he want to help others, but he wants to add value during the process as well. If you are ready to learn how to build wealth, he is the type of person who you will want to work with. Not only does he have a track record of success, but he also has the education that you need to make good decisions with.

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Paul Mampilly
From the time that he started out in the industry, Paul Mampilly has always wanted to treat customers the right way. In thew world of financial planning, a lot of people struggle to get quality advice that will actually add value to them. There are a lot of people who just want to sell investment products and services to others in order to make money in the short term. He has always viewed his business as a long term goal, and that is the way that he makes decision to try and add value to others. Not only that, but Paul Mampilly is starting to make a positive difference in the lives of people in his community. Due to his great work, he has received an award for helping others at a high level. Now is a great time to start thinking about ways to help others in this area. Paul Mampilly has proven that he wants to help others with their investment advice and management throughout their life.

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Kate Hudson Ambushes the Fashion World with Fabletics

Amazon controls the world of fashion by 20 percent. However, Kate Hudson is beating the odds by growing Fabletics to $250 million in just three years. Fabletics makes use of a subscription machine to sell clothes. Further, customers go for brands that inspire them and those that are both convenient and offer membership allowances.


Historically, high brands have been defined by both the quality and price of the product. Currently, factors that determine what consumers needs include brand recognition, exclusive design, and customer experience. Fabletics is likening themselves to Warby Parker and Apple, e-commerce companies that are defining themselves with data science and enterprise technology. Fabletics’ strategy rewards them a fashion membership brand.


Fabletics is planning to expand by opening more offices. Some of the offices are currently located in Florida, California, Hawaii, and Illinois. The General Manager, Gregg Throgmartin, Fabletics cites that the membership model of the company offers personalized services and on-trend fashion at an affordable price.


Why Fabletics is Unique


Reverse Showrooming


Fabletics encourages the use of reverse showrooming, unlike its competitors who find it disappointing. When a customer is shopping at Fabletics, their online shopping cart receives an update while they are picking items. Further, this strategy has enabled the company to establish relationships and gain knowledge about the local market. Moreover, 30 to 50 percent of customers who visit Fabletics are members while 25 percent get membership in the store.


Online Data is the Pillar for Success


Fabletics know that physical and digital displaying of products go hand in hand. Thus, using online data will help to stock the physical store with items that appeal to the customers’ taste. Furthermore, stores are stocked based on social media sentiment, real-time sale activity, and store heat-mapping data.


What Defines Growth


Fabletics has faced challenges over the years, but the balance of lifestyle, customer experience, and consumer education seems to be rewarding. According to Shawn Gold, Fabletics’ brand has grown from 35 percent through the years. Growth is having an authentic representative and an in-house media as well as creative teams that will raise the reputation of Fabletics to more than ten counties.


A Foodie Stays Fit Review by Teri Hutcheon


Teri Hutcheon is a Fabletics member and is interested in sharing her experience. She describes that Fabletics offers new VIP Members an outfit that costs $25 and a discount for other items. Teri insists that the significance of joining Fabletics allows you to get outfits on a monthly basis. Moreover, customers get either two or three piece outfit for prices ranging from $49 to $59.


Teri writes that when joining Fabletics, you survey the type of workout they do, as well as their preferred outfits including carpris, shorts, and tanks. Further, the company offers good prices for high-quality products. Teri gives an example of the leggings she bought from Fabletics. She describes them as being thick and good for yoga practices. Additionally, the leggings offer excellent compression for her legs, and they do not fade when washed.

The Next Stage For Adam Goldenberg And TechStyle Fashion Group

If you’re a regular shopper at JustFab, you may have noticed a change that happened there recently. The company has been renamed to TechStyle Fashion Group, a decision that CEOs Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler thought would be a good move going forward. One reason for this change is that JustFab is now self-funded and has not needed any more venture capital. And they’ve used a lot of data analytics and special algorithms in their interface as part of a more tech-based approach. Most of JustFab’s sales come through the internet, but they have opened some physical store locations and plan to open many more in the near future.


Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler co-founded JustFab in 2010, but they had been business partners for quite a few years before. Goldenberg had been the Chief Operating Officer of Intermix Media, a company that hired him straight out of high school when they bought out his business, Gamer’s Alliance. Goldenberg had developed a knack for marketing and sales, and Intermix Media saw a lot of growth during the time he worked for them. Intermix Media was the parent to MySpace, the social media giant of the mid 2000’s and Goldenberg decided to build an ecommerce hub for them along with his friend Don Ressler. Goldenberg and Ressler’s company, Alena Media did pretty well, but News Corp bought out Intermix Media in 2005 and wasn’t interested in that company. Unhappy with the direction things were going in, the two men decided to leave Intermix Media.


Goldenberg and Ressler started Intelligent Beauty first, a distributor of several health and beauty products. They were happy with the sales this company was making, but they still had bigger and better ideas. They decided to go all in on the fashion world and soon launched JustFab, a company that started of selling women’s attire, but then branched into other outlets including athletic wear in their Fabletics subsidiary, and shoes when they bought out ShoeDazzle, and then added men’s brands. Goldenberg and Ressler saved costs on the company by eliminating marketing expenses, and made their fashion very affordable. The company gained bigger publicity when model Kimora Lee Simmons joined the company, and later actress Kate Hudson joined the team too. JustFab was given a boost of venture capital first from Matrix Partners and Crosscut Ventures, and within a few years they had raised over $285 million in capital, pushing them over the $1 billion mark by 2014.


Making Big Data Important In Shopping: Adam Goldenberg And Don Ressler’s Reason For Rebranding JustFab

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler were not always versed in the fashion industry, but they did know something about marketing and analytics in their previous business experience. When they founded JustFab, they decided to take their analytics and big data usage to customize a customer experience that would keep those customers coming back for more. That’s why they decided to rename their company to TechStyle Fashion Group, the place where fashion shopping meets technological developments. In addition, the company has started rolling out trendy apparel of all women’s sizes to make sure they became all-inclusive in their marketing efforts.


Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler both come from unique backgrounds with specialties in business and marketing. Goldenberg started his marketing career when he was very young. He built an online advertising network for gaming websites called Gamer’s Alliance when he was only 15. This company got noticed immediately by Intermix Media and as it became more popular, Intermix Media decided to buy it out and offer Goldenberg a position at the company. So he joined them and became Chief Operating Officer without even having attended a year of college at that point. Don Ressler also was a self-made marketing and branding expert who had built prior to Intermix Media buying that company out. He and Goldenberg developed quite a friendship while working at Intermix Media, and they decided to start building e-commerce companies together.


Their first company was Alena Media which sold special brands under MySpace and helped bring revenue to Intermix Media. When News Corp bought out Intermix Media in 2005 and became disinterested in this company, Goldenberg and Ressler decided to leave. They founded Intelligent Beauty later that year and launched several of their own beauty and fitness brands. In 2010, JustFab was born after Goldenberg and Ressler took various fashion design ideas and meshed them together into a platform that became loved by celebrities Kimora Lee Simmons and later Kate Hudson. The company received several rounds of venture capital before reaching $1 billion in valuation in 2013, and today it is cash flow independent. TechStyle Fashion Group has also opened up local retail stores across the US.

Richard Blair: The Qualified Investment Professional from Austin

According to Bright Scope, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions is a qualified wealth management and investment services professional based in Austin, Texas. Blair attended the University of Houston and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Financial Management Services. He is a Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP) which puts him in a good position to offer advice on retirement planning.

He is also a Certified Annuity Specialist (CAS), a Certified Fund Specialist (CFS), a Certified Income Specialist (CIS), and a Certified Tax Specialist (CTS). Blair specializes in wealth management, insurance, portfolio management, and mutual funds.

Wealth Solutions, Inc. is a registered investment firm that provides personalized financial planning. It was founded in 1994. The company’s clients range from wealthy families and individuals to entrepreneurs and small business owners.

The enterprise has served clients from Georgetown, Houston, Bastrop, and Marble Falls. Blair has amassed years of experience in retirement planning. He is considered one of the top financial planners in Texas. Wealth Solutions has grown to become a relatively successful company. It has a staff of four people.

Richard Blair said that people must design a stable plan for them to achieve their financial goals. He helps his clients to come up with a plan that suits their needs by offering wealth management and retirement planning services. Blair has developed three pillars to draft a sound financial plan for his clients.

The first pillar is where Blair sits down with his client to come up with a map that they will follow. He establishes the strengths, opportunities, and goals of the customer to understand them better during this stage. This is important because it means that he knows the current situation of the client.

The second pillar constitutes laying out the long-term strategy that will help the clients to reach their goals financially. The long-term plan is developed from the information established in the first pillar. It is tailored to meet the liquidity needs and goals of the client. Blair restructures the assets of the portfolio of a customer so that they can realize more returns during this stage.

The third pillar is the shortest. It is a vital stage all the same. Richard Blair works to meet the insurance needs of the client which includes long-term care and life insurance. This is basically to cement the financial security of the customer in the future by setting up structures to protect them from risk.

What you Need to Know about Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky who is the former CEO of Groupon has dedicated most of his time in working for Tempus. The company is high-tech Company that is modernizing the cancer treatment by employing new infrastructure. Eric Lefkofsky is the President of the new startup company that aims to fight cancer. It is also an associate company of Light bank that Lefkofsky acts as its vice chair.

The 41 year old worth $1.65 billion in investments began his career life early. He started selling carpets through his outfit company Brandon apparel immediately after graduating and has worked in various capacities in several companies. He previously worked for; the Starbelly, Halo, InnerWorkings, Echo Global Logistics and Media Bank. In 2008, the Point that was headed by Eric changed its name to Groupon that was declared the fastest growing company by Forbes. Groupon Company is known for its discounted prices on products for their online customers.

Through his business success, he has overseen several companies grow under his watch by providing capital. Since he is technologically oriented, several enterprises that have being innovations are enough to attract his attention thus he invests and what Eric knows.

Apart from business success, Eric is a philanthropic person. Most of his charity works are based in Chicago, his hometown. He has formed several groups that help to better the lives of the younger children and disadvantaged youth. He offers scholarships to various students and funds schools for disadvantaged. He is also the founder of Moneythink that identifies mentors to provide financial education to different schools. Being an alumnus of Chicago University, he recently donated $1.2 million dollar to boost the health department.

Eric also offers various donations that support the human right organizations and arts and culture. He recently gave $7 million to a theatre company in Chicago. He has also helped various technological companies primarily to boost females interested in the tech world. His philanthropic works has led to greater development of his community.

Accelerated Disruption is a book written by Eric. It is based on the idea that there are several business ideas and great minds out there. However, the owners delay with their ideas and businesses that starts up and embraces technology overtakes the previous great ideas. Accelerated disruption is forming a company that is based in the current technology developments.

Truly from the above points, Eric has a great business mind and a philanthropist by nature and his website.

Brian Torchin And His Works Behind Medical Services

Brian Torchin is the president and managing director of HCRC Staffing, the leading full-service staffing and consulting firm for the health care & Legal industry.

He was featured in some articles and very known in social medias nowadays such as Facebook and Linkedin. He had many publications about his field, and specially at chiropractic. Learn more about Brian Torchin:

He had written several publications about his field which really reflect his professionalism and work with people. He is very much dedicated to HCRC Staffing that it is now the leading full service staffing.

In this company they are known to deliver extra mile services like find you staff within 72-hours of time and customize the needs of their customers and have expanded throughout different countries.

Brian Torchin Studied at University of Delaware and went to Plainview- Old Bethpage/JFK High School and currently lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He also studied at New York Chiropractic College. He is from Plainview, New York. He also was a Director of Medical Marketing at Practice Management Inc.

According to Glassdoor, aside from his accomplishments from HCRC, Brian Torchin successfully conducted a case study project named Medical Integration for a Chiropractic Office where they discuss that the office was a risk to close without a medical provider and the result was the client was able to stay open and had no loss in business.

His social media reflects more of his professional work specially regarding the HCRC. There are also good recommendations about him and utilizing his services that seems to be very efficient and very much helpful in the community especially.

Flavio Maluf Mentions Experts who are Important for Startups

Different individuals or parties have distinct ways of defining startups. Regardless of the definition, there is no denying that the startup industry is taking over the corporate scene, especially in Brazil. This is attributed significantly to the economic crisis being experienced in the country.

Data from the Brazilian Association of Startups unveiled that there are nearly 4200 startup ventures in the startup industry on LinkedIn. These different enterprises are distributed in various business segments including education, entertainment, SaaS, Health and e-commerce at

Mobile Developer

According to Flavio, a mobile developer is a highly essential professional for a startup venture on This professional helps to deal with emerging technological advancement in the world. He or she does this through coding, programming and testing on iOS and Android platforms.

Customer Satisfaction

Flavio Maluf stressed on the need to invest on satisfying customers. For this reason, he claimed that a client success professional is a valuable asset for a startup. A customer success expert adheres to the different stages of product implementation, establishes a link with customers and anticipates the resolution of potential issues.


A startup ought to have a cascading style sheets expert. He or she is in charge of making corporate sites more appealing through color elements, layouts, fonts and formats. By doing so, a CSS expert boosts the chances of acquiring new clients.

About Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf is one of the renowned business gurus in the Brazilian corporate circle. Maluf has continuously displayed his ability to lead through his current leadership role at his family’s company, Eucatex Group. Flavio‘s academic background is nothing short of exemplary. He studied mechanical engineering at the popular Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP) situated in Sao Paolo. Flavio is also an accomplished alumnus of the New York University where he studied administration.

Although Eucatex Group belongs to the Maluf family, Flavio’s journey to become president of the company was not that simple. Flavio Maluf had to acquaint himself with the different aspects of the business. In so doing, he was taken through various areas of the Eucatex Group including the trade area and industrial area. Later on, his uncle invited him to join the executives of the Eucatex Group. Becoming part of the executives paved the way for Flavio to succeed his uncle.

Tony Petrello The Successful Business Leader

The Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries Ltd, Mr. Anthony Petrello, has held the position since October 28, 2011. Prior to that, he had served in the same company since 1992 as the Chief Operating Officer.

Nabors industries is a natural gas, geothermal, oil and drilling contractor. The business has been running since 1968, and is located in Hamilton, Bermuda and Houston, Texas. As per 2008, the company had employed around 26,912 employees, earned revenue of $3.477 billion and an overall net income of $85 million. The reputable industry has operated on land throughout the Middle East, America, Far East and Africa. It has also operated onshore, servicing mostly in North America. Under Petrello’s leadership, the company has acquired a charter fleet of 29 marine vessels for its offshore operations. The business has also introduced top drilling drives, directional drilling systems, equipment to be used for rig instrumentation and data collection and software to be used in rig reporting.

Tony Petrello studied law at Harvard University, and later advanced up to the Masters level at the Yale University. Currently, he has notable involvement in many areas, especially as a board member. He serves as the director of the Texas Children’s Hospital Inc. All the way from 1991, Petrello worked as the director of Stewart and Stevenson, LLC and as chairman of the executive committees of Nabors industries. Before joining Nabors industries, he worked with the law firm Baker and McKenzie serving as the Managing Partner of its New York Office between 1986 and 1991. He now receives a salary of $1,580,077 and $6,125,000 bonuses, totaling his annual compensation to $7,705,077. In 2013, he was ranked on top of the best paid CEOs in the world, she but did not top the chart in 2014 because he received a hefty pay cut.

The Lung Institute: Rebuilding Quality in Life

The Lung Institute is a medical research institution that provides stem cell therapies to treat chronic lung diseases. They also provide venous and bone marrow treatments. Their physicians use minimally invasive procedures that deploy stem cell transplants to promote the healing of damaged tissue. The institute has facilities in Tampa, Nashville, Pittsburgh, Scottsdale Arizona and Dallas.

Stem cells are cells that can self-renew and replicate. Adult stem cells can be transferred from a healthy organ to an unhealthy organ. The stem cells will then replicate in the unhealthy organ through plasticity. The Lung Institute’s procedure involves separating the patient’s stem cells from their blood and reintroducing the stem cells to the patient’s lungs. This procedure promotes both healing and inflammation reduction.

The Lung Institute has improved the quality of life for many people suffering from chronic lung diseases. Many patients experience a significant increase in lung capacity within 2 months of their initial treatment. The Lung Institute says their patients have experienced a 70% increase in their quality of life.

At the Lung Institute, many patients come from different backgrounds and have had many different life circumstances. Chronic lung conditions ( be the main issue in common. However as the Baylor College of Medicine explains, patients have had many different careers and hobbies that they have been active in throughout their life. Whether it is planting a garden or playing sports, patients are unique and deserve unique treatments that are suited for them.

The Lung Institute thoroughly screens every patient, and the main focus is on the current condition that the patient is in and their previous medical history. This provides the institute with the ability to use treatments that provide the best results.

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