Desiree Perez

Jay Z’s very lucrative deal with Live Nation is soon coming to an end. The ten year $150 million deal with Live Nation, struck in 2008 is for touring and recording music. Live Nation is interested in continuing the touring side of the deal but not the recorded music. The end of the deal could trigger a “buy-sell,” which means either party can sell their stake in Roc Nation to the other or purchase the business wholly and completely. Jay as well as Rihanna and Shakira are a few of Roc Nation’s well known artists.As such, Jay Z is scouting other music industry giants to take a stake in his recorded music business at Roc Nation. He and his business partner Desiree Perez met with Sir Lucian Grainger, the CEO of Universal Music Group (UMG), raising speculation of UMG becoming a potential stakeholder.

According to UMG insiders, the company already has a distribution deal with Roc Nation but further investment would bestow a larger percentage of Roc Nation artists’ business. This would also allow Jay more resources to strengthen Tidal, which is currently competing against Spotify and Apple Music and also to develop new artists. An insider at UMG stated the discussion of the meeting wasn’t about the end of Roc Nation’s deal with Live Nation though, and reps for all parties involved made no further comment.

Jay Z’s business partner, Desiree (Des) Perez, is an integral part of Jay Z’s company, SC Enterprises; she is also the COO of ROC Nation. She’s an entrepeneur and media personality and a close associate of his for almost 20 years. She has a long track record of running SC Enterprises and a reputation for being a fierce negotiator and great with crunching numbers. She was a significant player in Rihanna’s Samsung deal. She runs ROC Nation Sports as well, with her husband, Juan Perez. She is also a producer and is known for the documentary, Change: The LifeParticle Effect.

Larkin and Lacey Use Experiences to Help Minorities

For their entire careers, Larkin and Lacey have been helping minorities. They know that most minorities do not have people who are willing to help them or who are willing to stand up for them so these men consistently advocate for the minorities so that they will be able to help them out with everything that they need.

They believe that they are a necessary part of the things that people are going to be able to do and something that is going to make things easier for people. All of this is what has helped others to have the best chance possible at success and it is something that most people know they are able to do while they are in different situations. Read more: Phoenix New Time and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

Ever since Larkin and Lacey thing first started the Frontera Fund, they knew that they would be able to make a difference and help more people out with the issues that they are having.

They know that they can try to make things easier for people who are in minority groups and who do not have the ability to make their own lives improved from the point where they are at. This is something that has allowed the people to try more and do more with what they have to offer.

Since Larkin and Lacey are good at what they do, they know that they can continue to help people. They also know that they can continue to make a difference in the lives of others so that things will get better. All of this is a huge part of their business and is what they do to bring improvements to other areas of life. It has been something that they are able to rely on and something that they can make a difference with no matter what is happening in their lives or in the lives of the people who they serve.

For Larkin and Lacey to try new things, they had to have somewhere that they would be able to do it. Journalism was not giving them the best things possible and it was not giving them everything that they needed to get through different situations. For that reason, they chose to start their own foundation.

They want to make things easier and want to show people what will help them out with different opportunities. It is something that has given them the chance to try new opportunities and do more with the people who they are working.

As things have gotten worse for those who are in these situations, Larkin and Lacey have tried their best to help other people out with the issues that they are having.

The men are doing everything that they can to help people out with the issues that they are having and they do their best at making things easier for people who are in the different situations and who are doing what they can to show others the best way to behave in different civil situations.

Rick Libby’s Business Model has Led to Great Success for Traveling Vineyard

Traveling Vineyard has kicked up a lot of dust in recent years. Though the wine selling company was founded almost 2 decades ago in 2001 it didn’t really gain its footing until 2010 when serial entrepreneur Rick Libby purchased the then stagnant company. Libby implemented a business strategy that positively restructured Traveling Vineyard for the future. Libby has ore than 3 decades worth of experience working at consumer based companies.

Libby was able to see the potential of Traveling vineyard early on. He knew it could be something special if run the right way. He actually got the idea of turning Traveling Vineyard into a direct selling organization of in-home wine tastings after a friend told him that his wife had successfully used in-home demonstrations to market kitchenware. It was like a light bulb went on in his head. The new sales strategy vastly increased revenue.

Traveling Vineyard is doing well but Libby knows it can still be better. He believes the key to sustaining a business is innovation. He encourages his employees to collaborate with one another to create innovative ideas. Traveling Vineyard constantly implements new concepts and technologies. What separates traveling Vineyard from the competition is ts willingness to take risks in order to keep evolving. This is why many wine lovers and enthusiasts see Traveling Vineyard as a pioneer in the wine industry.

Traveling Vineyard’s future looks even brighter than its past. Last year U.S. retailers reported that wine revenue increased by nearly 5 percent, suggesting more Americans drinking wine.

Traveling vineyard is also a great company to work for. Traveling Vineyard is family oriented and treats its wine guides with genuine care. It opposes the introduction of unnecessary rules or restrictions thus giving guides more personal freedom and allowing for more individuality.

What Rick Libby has done with Traveling Vineyard is amazing. The business model he’s created is almost flawless. The model enables his company to sell wine in thousands of towns and cities throughout the nation. which is incredible when you consider the fact that Traveling Vineyard doesn’t rely on television ads or purchasing shelf space in stores.

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Nathaniel Ru Advocating For Healthy Eating

Feeding better food to more people is the primary purpose and agenda of Sweetgreens chain of restaurants according to its co-CEO Nathaniel Ru. Sweetgreens has more than 40 locations serving healthy, organic and fresh locals that keep diners waiting to have a taste of his delicious recipe.

This high-end salad chain hits the right keys in the food industry, and it’s backed by big investors like Daniel Boulud, Danny Meyer, and Steve Case.

The company is co-owned by two Georgetown University classmates who are tech pioneers. They ensure that 30% of Sweetgreens transaction passes through their mobile app or website. Ru says that technology is their DNA and a good way of making their business succeed.

To stay closer to their customers the trio as come up with a management strategy that requires their corporate offices to close doors and work on the ground. According to Ru, the company has decentralized its operation and headcount, and they recently opened an office in Los Angeles.

The trio, consisting of Nicolas Jammet, Jonathan Neman, and Nathaniel Ru, come from first –generation immigrants and they all have parents who own businesses. They met in an entrepreneurship class, and they formed a bond that has seen them open healthy eating restaurants. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru: and

The co-founders opened doors to their first business in Georgetown in August 2007 and from that day they have grown to chain of restaurants all over.

Nathaniel Ru states that the best advice he can give to himself as a 20-year-old is to read and read more books than he can even handle. He also states that the hardest thing when it comes to managing is to delegate works once you get used. He confesses that Nic, Jon and he used to handle all the roles in the company.

He advises that once you start a business, you should learn to build a team early enough. Nathaniel Ru favorite restaurant is Little Serow Johnny Monis; it has superb Northern Thai food, and his most admired CEO is Kevin Plank of Under Armour.

Nathaniel Ru holds a 2007 BS in finance from McDonough School of Business Georgetown University. He is one of the co-founders of Sweetgreens Company that believes in local and sustainable sourcing.

Nathaniel and his co-founders believe in food that fits your tastes, budget, value, community, and imagination. Ru and his partners also launched the largest food and music festival “Sweetlife” that attracts more than 20,000 attendees

How Anthony Petrello Continues to Motivate and Inspire the Youth

Anthony Petrello is the Chief Executive Officer at Nabor Industries Ltd. He has been the CEO of this great company for the last six years. He has done so much to transform the business in the six years that he has been at the helm of the firm management. Before his appointment as the CEO, Anthony Petrello held position of president for nearly 20 years.

1. Petrello is not well known in the United States. But despite this fact, he continues to blend perfectly well in the various corporate ranks. He may not be as famous as a politician, but he represents critical sector of the United States economy.

Anthony Petrello is among the highest paid executives in the nation. In the year 2014, Nabor Industries limited paid him a whopping $68.2 million. His style of managing and running the business is a source of both admiration and envy by young entrepreneurs. Those who know him well, agree that Petrello is an honest, humble and faithful man.

Currently, Mr. Petrello heads one of the most successful oil companies in world. But was success offered to him? No! Just like the other famous leaders, he had to develop his persona to the person he is today. He did not attend expensive schools, neither could he afford any of the world class tutors. But he did not give up, he was determined to succeed.

As a young boy, Anthony Petrello grew in Newark, New Jersey. In this small town, people do not eat breakfast, leave for work and come back later for lunch and supper. They face a lot of challenges and difficulties. Sometimes even getting food is a problem. Despite all this, the people of this town are sincere and truthful to learn more about us: click here.

At a very tender age, Petrello was taught the importance of being honest and working hard. He was made to understand that without these virtues, your achievements mean nothing. As soon as he joined a school, Mr. Petrello gained an unusual urge to learn mathematics. He was a keen student and loved to solve calculus and logic questions. A technique he is still applying today in his managerial roles.

Equities First Holdings, Your Best Business Partner!

Equities First Holdings is an alternative source of finance. The company offers stock-based loans for those seeking fast money. During the harsh economic times, banks and credit solution firms tighten their lending capabilities. In fact, they often increase their interest rates so that most people could be scared from applying for these loans. This is the time when the people work to achieve business through soluble facilities to such as the use of stock-based loans. For those individuals who seek alternative sources of finance, the use of stock-based loans comes to you with the best credentials offered by Equities First Holdings and more information click here.

The non-recourse feature characterizes Stock-based loans. This means that you can qualify for the loans without issuing any financial statements. This is also the feature that lets its users evict the use of the loan even while they have not paid a single cent and remain without obligation to the company. In the end, the company will liquidate your stocks and use them to pay back their money. If you are willing to accept better business, ensure you do not anticipate worse institutional values as a way of accelerating your ambiguity and learn more about Equities First Holdings.

Many people do not understand that stock-based loans are different from the margin loans. As much as most of them use stocks as collateral, they are very different. When you use the margin loans, the use of the money should be stated as a way of qualification. On the other hand, you are not required to state the money with stock-based loans.

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Greg Secker Career Life

Greg Secker is a young businessman who ventured into the industry with a storm. Secker was born in the year 1975. The international speaker was born and raised in a humble family. However, his family background did not hinder his successful career. Secker has made his name in the country because of his accomplishments as an international speaker, philanthropist and master trader. In a recent interview, however, Secker says that his greatest responsibility is being a father.

In the year 2003, the businessman decided to establish a company known as the Knowledge to Action Group. The institution consists of various companies such as capital index, smart chart software, the Greg Secker Foundation and Learn to Trade. All the enterprises in the group focus on helping people to become successful in trading. Secker believes that without financial freedom, it is impossible for individuals to improve their lives.

Secker’s humble background has been instrumental in his career. After completing his education, the serial investor started work at the Thomas Cook Financial Services where he served for several years. He later moved to foreign exchange world, forming a company known as Virtual Trading Desk. This special platform was one of its kind because it allowed its clients to get quotes from the foreign exchange transactions. The company did very well under the leadership of Greg Secker, and it also assisted very many individuals to make money in the competitive trading world.

After a short duration, Greg Secker landed a job at the prestigious Mellon Financial Corporation where he worked as the vice president. The position at the finance company exposed him to greater and challenging situations. He was able to work and travel to different locations where he acquired a lot of expertise. The knowledge he has in trading increased significantly due to his presence in the company.

In just three months, Secker had learned so much, and he was able to open an institution known as Learn To Trade. The private company has become a leader in the international platform, and it has expanded into many parts of the world. The company has been operational for over thirteen years now.


JHSF continues to expand its operations outside Brazil under José Auriemo Neto

JHSF is a Brazilian real estate company which focuses on a wide range of sectors that include the real estate, high-end hotels, shopping malls, executive airports and restaurants. The company was founded in 1972 by two brothers with its initial focus on servicing the high income real estate market in Brazil. The company has set itself apart from other real estate companies in Brazil by focusing on recurrent income projects.

JHSF has revolutionized the real estate industry in Brazil by establishing strategic leadership, creating sustainable solutions, and innovative ideas. Over the many years, JHSF has extended its services to various parts of Brazil and also in other countries such as the United States and Uruguay. Currently, JHSF is an internationally recognized company that has laid much emphasis on expanding its scope of business as well as its operations.

The company is known for creating sustainable solutions and also coming up with innovative ideas that has changed the real estate industry in Brazil. JHSF has consistently adopted sustainable policies which ensures that their projects cater to the emerging trends in the Brazilian real estate sector.

The JHSF, under the able leadership of José Auriemo Neto has been recognized has a key player in the real estate industry in Brazil. The recognition has been due to the high quality services offered by JHSF to its customers, the innovative ideas by the company and the use of modern technology by the company when conducting its business.

Since 1972, JHSF has managed to develop a number of landmark projects in Brazil. Some of the notable projects by the company include the Fasano Hotel which is considered to be one of the most successful projects by the company. The company has received major accolades over the years for being the among the best performers in the Brazilian real estate sector. Such accolades include the Best Developer of the Year in 2007.

About José Auriemo Neto

José Auriemo Neto is the chairman and the CEO of Brazil’s leading real-estate company JHSF. José Auriemo Neto is tasked with overseeing the company’s projects and developments. He is also tasked with administering the company’s retail portfolio.

Auriemo Neto has achieved a lot throughout the years. He has managed to improve the company’s portfolio to its current status. Neto has utilized his business prowess to sign exclusive partnership deals with various global brands.

A Look at the Stellar Growth Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water has Achieved

From the company’s launch in 2012, Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water saw growth of 5000%. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is a premium bottled water brand that is sourced from the water that falls on Mauna Loa on the Big Island of Hawaii. This brand has a threefold purpose; to supply healthy water, to be sustainable, and to contribute to charity. Over the course of the last five years, it can now be found on store shelves in over 2,000 stores spread over 30 states as well as internationally.
In order to meet this incredible demand, the company opened a new manufacturing facility in Hawaii in 2015. The founder of the company, Ryan Emmons, noted that in the first three years they went from selling just few thousand cases of bottled water a year to over 120,000. His company donates water in impoverished communities in Africa for every bottle of water they sell. This has resulted in 500 million liters of water being provided to people there who lack a source of clean water. The water is donated through a partnership Ryan Emmons formed with Pump Aid and every liter of bottled water they sell results in 650 liters of water being donated.
The Waiakea water is very rich in minerals as it is sourced from an active volcano at Waiakea springs at the base of it. It is a great source of electrolytes and is naturally alkaline. As an environmentally responsible company, the water is sold in 100% recycled (rPET) bottles. Emmons has noted that his company was the first one in the industry that was certified as CarbonNeutral which was an important ethical achievement for the company.
In June 2017, Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water was named as the best volcanic bottled water brand in the world by 10 Best Water. They noted that Waiakea tasted very high quality and has healthy natural minerals. Additionally, they noted that the company has a fast bottling process which means it tastes very fresh and natural when it is opened.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is Passionate about Finding New Treatments for Individuals Suffering from Sleep Apnea

Approximately 90%  of all individuals with sleep apnea are never diagnosed. In recent years, the correlation between serious medical conditions and sleep apnea has become clear. This has caused a sense of urgency in finding treatments. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has an extensive history in sleep disorders and the available treatments, which was the reason he founded Dental Sleep Masters. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has created a model for physicians with sleep labs to increase the communities awareness of the dangers of sleep apnea. Both physicians and dentists are able to offer clinical support for individuals with this condition. Dentists have the ability to both diagnose and treat sleep apnea.

As new devices are developed it brings hope to individuals who did not respond to previous treatments. A new device called THN Sleep Therapy has been approved by the FDA for clinical trials after it was developed by ImThera Medical. Alternative treatments have become more user friendly and smaller in the hopes more patients will seek out treatment. These devices do not require masks and are much quieter. Individuals who suffer from sleep apnea wake as often as thirty times each night and require a treatment to keep their airways open.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel has extensive knowledge regarding sleep disorders and sleep treatments. His first dental practice was established in 1999, and he spent fifteen years managing his office. He received numerous accolades from his community and began his exploration of sleep and disorders. He started learning how physicians and dentists could work together to assist individuals with sleep disorders.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel began creating companies in the field of sleep orders with a relation to dentistry. His desire to help dentists become a part of the world of sleep led to his founding of Dental Sleep Masters in 2014. He believed sleep disorders could be successfully treated with oral appliances. As the owner of the company he used his substantial knowledge regarding sleep apnea to help dentists in the potential identification of patients with sleep apnea so they could receive treatment. Dr. Avi Weisfogel is well educated with a BA in both psychology and biology. He is additionally a DDS and has helped numerous individuals who suffer from a sleep disorder.