Randy Hildebrandt Finds Blessings WithUSHealth Group

Randy Hildebrant made the decision to create the life he wanted. A native to Texas, he believes in living life big. Sharing his heart, giving to others and working hard have always been a big part of Randy. Randy grew up idolizing, Nolan Ryan, a big man in baseball who embodied these same beliefs.

As a teenager Randy was working his way to his baseball dreams as a pitcher for Anderson Shiro High School. As a junior, Randy was throwing a 92 mph fastball and was getting some attention because of it. But before he could realize his dreams of becoming a professional baseball player he blew out his shoulder and under went surgery. His direction shifted and he found himself enrolling in Texas A&M to study business and economics. See more of USHEALTH Group on Facebook

His dream of making the “big bucks” in business and economics wasn’t making him happy and after graduating Randy took a job as an insurance salesman. He wasn’t sure what he was doing or if he would be any good at it but stuck it out. He looked to others in the company as mentors and tried to pattern his work after those that were having success. Hard work and changing is business plan to protecting families and people lead him to a job opportunity with USHealth Group. Read more on zocdoc.com about USHealth group.

USHealth Advisors is a nation wide health insurance distribution arm of USHealth Group Inc. They focus on serving small business owners and individuals. Their HOPE program, which stand for, helping other people everyday, provides relief to people across the nation. They help build houses after disasters like Katrina hit. They support projects such as, The Crisis Nursery, in Phoenix and Scottsdale AZ, by providing formula, shoes and clothing for children. Their CEO believes the HOPE program reflects the very nature of the people who work for USHealth. Caring for individuals and families and a focus on giving back is what USHealth Group is all about.