Rick Libby’s Business Model has Led to Great Success for Traveling Vineyard

Traveling Vineyard has kicked up a lot of dust in recent years. Though the wine selling company was founded almost 2 decades ago in 2001 it didn’t really gain its footing until 2010 when serial entrepreneur Rick Libby purchased the then stagnant company. Libby implemented a business strategy that positively restructured Traveling Vineyard for the future. Libby has ore than 3 decades worth of experience working at consumer based companies.

Libby was able to see the potential of Traveling vineyard early on. He knew it could be something special if run the right way. He actually got the idea of turning Traveling Vineyard into a direct selling organization of in-home wine tastings after a friend told him that his wife had successfully used in-home demonstrations to market kitchenware. It was like a light bulb went on in his head. The new sales strategy vastly increased revenue.

Traveling Vineyard is doing well but Libby knows it can still be better. He believes the key to sustaining a business is innovation. He encourages his employees to collaborate with one another to create innovative ideas. Traveling Vineyard constantly implements new concepts and technologies. What separates traveling Vineyard from the competition is ts willingness to take risks in order to keep evolving. This is why many wine lovers and enthusiasts see Traveling Vineyard as a pioneer in the wine industry.

Traveling Vineyard’s future looks even brighter than its past. Last year U.S. retailers reported that wine revenue increased by nearly 5 percent, suggesting more Americans drinking wine.

Traveling vineyard is also a great company to work for. Traveling Vineyard is family oriented and treats its wine guides with genuine care. It opposes the introduction of unnecessary rules or restrictions thus giving guides more personal freedom and allowing for more individuality.

What Rick Libby has done with Traveling Vineyard is amazing. The business model he’s created is almost flawless. The model enables his company to sell wine in thousands of towns and cities throughout the nation. which is incredible when you consider the fact that Traveling Vineyard doesn’t rely on television ads or purchasing shelf space in stores.

Traveling Vineyard info: twitter.com/travelinvinyard?lang=en