Sahm Adrangi the Man Behind the Success of Kerrisdale Capital Management Company

Sahm Adrangi is responsible for founding Kerrisdale Capital Management and is its CIO or Chief Investment Officer. Since its establishment, Sahm Adrangi has gotten involved in every activity of the company. Though Sahm Adrangi founded the company with less than 1 million dollars, the company now controls more than 150 million dollars. Sahm has shared many of his views concerning short selling in his research about stocks like overhyped shorts and under-followed longs. Sahm Adrangi became famous after he exposed the fraudulent Chinese firms such as China Marine Food Group, China-Biotics in the year 2010 and 2011.

Kerrisdale Capital Management Company which is owned by Sahm Adrangi raised about one hundred million dollars to bet against a single stock. Most managers of hedge funds periodically raise funds to concentrate on a specific investment like recovering the suffering energy companies, but the Kerrisdale usually organizes to use the money in shorting the stock of coming public company. This type of investment fund has made KerrisdaleCapital Mangement Company unique.

Currently, Kerrisdale controls about five hundred million dollars which include the money that got raised recently. The company has a record of betting against firms and bringing its case to the public. Some of its late activist short stands include Satellite Company Globalstar and Sage Therapeutics. On average Kerrisdale’s yearly return has been 28% for the previous five years though in 2016 the yields were down by 7%.

In an email that was written to investors and reviewed by Reuters, Adrangi the founder of the company said the company had managed to raise a considerable amount of money in a short time. He also revealed that they had taken a firm whose worth was ten billion dollars and they are trying to make everybody understand the knowledge that they have about the company. Together with Shane, an analyst in Kerrisdale, Adrangi concentrated on the forthcoming campaigns, videos, working on reports, websites and many more things to convince many people about their thesis of investment.

According to an anonymous source, he said that the target company that was to be revealed in the middle of May. By the time the information was released, the stock that was to get used in the corporation had bought.