Sawyer Howitt’s Advice On Being Your Own Boss

Working in today’s corporate-based job market has become less stable and predictable for a career minded high school and college graduate. More career people are finding that a more flexible workday schedule is appealing as well as not being tied to a fixed salary. If becoming your own boss appeals to you, Sawyer Howitt offers information that can help you get started.

1)Before striking out on your own, establish an income that will sustain your living expenses while researching the market to find a business niche. Find a job that will have flexible hours so that there is time to begin setting up your business. If you are still in school, use those available resources for researching.

2) Assess your personal skills and talents to help lead to a marketable niche. Enjoying, plus having a passion for your business, will help your business to become successful. Take time to plan correctly but keep a steady pace toward your goal. Try not to get distracted by your side job and life circumstances. Creating a sustainable business can be time-consuming and knowledge of the market must remain current.

3) Began building a portfolio of your work showing your experience. Working as a freelancer or an intern can help you get a feel for your place in the market. Experience will let you know if you have found the right match for your long-term business goals. Build a realistic business plan that can launch your ideas into success. Create a brand that your market can relate to. This involves the artistic side of planning your business. Seeking like-minded investors may be a challenge but will develop perseverance and presentation skills.


Sawyer Howitt has shown the business world that young age does not have to be a deterrent to success. Living in Portland, Oregon, he is a skilled racquetball enthusiast and enjoys being an entrepreneurial advisor. He is currently enrolled at Columbia University with a focus on a BA in Entrepreneurial Finance. His current application of his skills includes being a project manager for the Meriwether Group. Sawyer’s artistic nature has turned to enjoying photography as his medium.

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