U.S. Money Reserve Aids in Returning Normalcy to Hurricane Harvey Victims

Hurricane Harvey caused a lot of destruction when it swept the streets of Texas for four consecutive days. The hurricane caused floods that covered ground up to 65 inches cleaning anything possible along the surface.

It destroyed millions of properties and homes and consequently killed at least 82 people in the process. The damage by the hurricane has been estimated to cost around $180 billion. Thousands of people were forced to relocate and seek refuge in safe neighboring areas.

The storm left the city highly contaminated with all kinds of toxic substances such as sewage and chemicals. Apart from this, many people were left without the ability to meet their basic needs. This situation created an urgent need for people and other organizations to come to their aid to salvage the situation.

The road to recovery is time and money consuming for all stakeholders. To rebuild the homes and the clean up the town would need more than federal aid. The neighboring civilians that were not affected much offered to help in various capacities. Read more: US Money Reserve | Twitter

Some provided shelter and donated food to the worst hit survivors. One of the nonprofit organizations that created a fund to help in averting the crisis is the Austin Disaster Relief Network.

They came in to cater for emergency needs and to offer long-term financial help in the rebuilding of homes and businesses.

The U.S. Reserve partnered with ARDN in a bid to serve a common purpose of helping the people of Texas recover. In addition to the $100 000 donations they have given, The U.S. Money Reserve is organizing a relief fund where 100% of donations will be channeled to the hurricane Harvey victims through ARDN.

The decision to be in the frontline in assisting the victims could be seen as a way of the company giving back to the society. Many employees and customers were affected by the hurricane as the company headquarters are based in Austin, Texas.

The U.S. Reserve was founded in 2001 and is one of the leading private dealers of U.S. government-issued legal tender products in form of gold, platinum and silver. Over 400thousand customers depend on them to diversify their wealth by taking advantage of precious metals.

Their team consists of highly knowledgeable and trained personnel who give expert advice to their clients. The company is led by Phillip N. Diehl, an expert in the field and has been accorded an “AAA” rating by the Business Consumer Alliance.

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